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  • The Truth About Friends

    With all the contrived confusion over the new theme LEGO Friends, it seems beyond time to set the record straight! No photo-shop or speculation here — because I own the sets, build with them, and present some here as MOCs. The Mini-doll to mini-fig contrast is only 5 millimeters. All Friends sets require building — all bricks are loose in the box — use instructions or build your own creation (My Own Creation = MOC). They are *not* pre-fab; they are standard LEGO bricks. The building challenge is the same as any other LEGO set. Spatial, Math & Engineering skills will be engaged while building! Imaginations need to click! Building with *any* color LEGO brick is a gender-neutral activity. Getting even more girls building will enhance STEM aspects of their education & careers. All other LEGO sets still available, this is merely another option — more options are great! Blend them with your favorite theme, or with your favorite bucket of bricks. Build on, girls!

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