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10 Amusing Struggles Every Parent Of Toddlers Will Understand

We asked some parents about the joy of parenthood. And, well, it's fun times all 'round!


"I let my 3-year-old paint my nails yellow. She coated my entire fingertips in nail polish then insisted I leave it on to go to a kid's birthday party where I got to show off my mani to parents I hardly knew."

– Renae S


"My daughter had her cousin over for a play. They were being very quiet, and we discovered them both covered in permanent marker."

– Amy D


"Two things my eldest loves: sushi and trains. So, as a treat, I told him we were going to go to a sushi train. I was hearing 'We have to go to the station to get the sushi train before it leaves!' When we did get to the restaurant, he was confused for a bit, but eating the food and watching it go 'round and 'round proved just as exciting."

– Andrew I


"My eldest was obsessed with the idea of getting her hair cut short, so she proceeded to cut all of her dolls' hair off."

– Amy D


"Took my kids to the beach. My toddler is shoe obsessed. She thought it would be a good idea to collect a few thongs. Trouble is, the beach was packed – so stuffed if we knew who they belonged to! Sorry, happy swimmers!"

– Amy D


"Recently my daughter has taken great interest in makeup and loves watching me put it on. She asked for some lipstick the other day, and so I put a tiny bit on trying to be Cool Mum. Totally wrong move as she then proceeded to find said lipstick when I wasn’t looking and try to put it on herself. It went everywhere."

– Laura A


"I was at the park with my 2-year-old, trying to convince him to go down the slide. I decided to go down first myself to show him how easy it could be, but I got a bit too much momentum and flew off the slide onto the ground with force. He cracked up, and I was left with a giant bruise."

– Rachael B


"For Father’s Day, I was trying to get my son to create a masterpiece for my husband. I was trying to get him to paint his handprints and footprints. I put his feet in the paint; he placed them on the paper perfectly and then ran through the house making his mark on the carpet."

– Rachael B


"Middle child loves playing with slime and decided to use it one day as shampoo (that was fun!)."

– Amy D


“I was doing some drawing with my 2-year-old daughter and then started to show her how to trace a picture. Moments later I caught her trying to trace from the TV and getting frustrated that the 'pictures' wouldn’t stay still while she did it."

– Steve P

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