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11 Times Playing With LEGO® Made Your Childhood The Absolute Best

All it takes is one of those colourful little bricks and I'm instantly 10 years old again.

1. First off, when you and your sibling actually stopped fighting for a couple hours — all because you wanted to play LEGO® together.

2. Except for when you had to go on a super ~stealth~ mission to try and steal the rocket from your sibling's LEGO set, because your mermaid lagoon needed a way to its satellite orbiting the moon.

3. When you realised that you could change the heads of the LEGO people.

4. When you ditched the instructions and LEGO gave you the chance to build a world you'd only ever dreamt of before then.

5. Or, when you played by the rules and you were super impressed with the end result.

6. When your mum and dad got involved and you realised that they actually loved LEGO as much as you.

7. When you felt like an absolute KING because you had the most LEGO in the neighbourhood.

8. And ditto, for when your extended family came down for Christmas.

9. When you and your friends had super serious LEGO competitions and tried to come up with the most original creation.

10. And then, when your friends eventually left, you would sneak out out of bed to continue with the magical world you created.

11. And finally, when you got older and started playing with the more involved LEGO sets — it made you realise that you could actually build your own future.

Head to LEGO to find the perfect set for your little bumpkin this Christmas — and maybe even something for yourself.

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