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12 Fun LEGO® Sets That Will Help You Find Your Gift-Giving Flow This Holiday Season

We honestly won't blame you if you want to steal these LEGO® set gift ideas...for yourself!

As always, the holiday season is approaching WAY faster than we realize. So here are 12 incredible LEGO® sets that'll appeal to the creative side of all the adults in your life, including yourself!

1. Inspire their next build and maybe their next bestselling book with the LEGO® Ideas Typewriter™. It has built-in moveable type, allowing for the carriage to actually move back and forth as you press on the keys. Plus, it'll be a great decorative piece to add to their home office.

2. Surprise your friends and family with the LEGO® Flower Bouquet™ set. Say goodbye to withering flowers that don't last and hello to a beautiful set that features daisies, roses, and asters.

3. Hit the fast lane with the immersive LEGO® Technic™ Ferrari 488 GTE. Not only is it an absolute pleasure to build, but it's also the gift that keeps on giving. They'll end up with a collector's model to show off on their bookshelf for years to come!

LEGO Ferrari set sitting on a table, with a hand opening one of the functional doors

4. Give them an escape from the everyday (and potentially some new superpowers) with the LEGO® Infinity Gauntlet™.

5. Inspire their next vacation with the LEGO® World Map™ that doubles as an impressive piece of artwork. They'll be able to use LEGO® "push pins" to track their past travels or mark their soon-to-be-discovered destinations.

A person hanging up the LEGO map on their wall

6. Take their imagination to new heights with the LEGO® Space Shuttle Discovery™ set. This build will allow them to completely focus on themselves after a busy, stressful day. We recommend listening to some music to fully get into the building rhythm and zone. How about a soundtrack from their favourite space-related movie?

A spaceship kit built in pieces

7. Re-create their nostalgic childhood moments with the LEGO® Nintendo Entertainment System™ set, which features authentic reproductions of the console, a life-sized controller, Game Pak cartridge, and a retro 1980s TV.

8. Help them rediscover their natural curiosity with the LEGO® Dinosaur Fossils™ set. The set includes a tyrannosaurus rex, a triceratops, and a pterodactyl, and it will encourage them to spend some quality time digging into the past.

A LEGO T-rex being built on a wooden table

9. Kick off the holiday season with the LEGO® adidas Originals Superstar™ shoe. They can use other LEGO elements to completely customize the iconic three-striped sneaker.

A person holding a LEGO Adidas show in the lap and tying the shoelaces

10. Transport them back in time to the Middle Ages with the LEGO® Medieval Blacksmith™ set. This premium set features glowing coals, a removable roof, and a collection of minifigures, including archers and knights.

11. Impress them with an authentic reproduction of the gothic-styled LEGO® 1989 Batwing™. Focusing on all the meticulous details of this set will make their daily responsibilities and worries fly away — much like the actual Batwing.

12. And finally, help them channel their inner zen and mindfulness with the LEGO® Bird of Paradise™ set. It's a no-brainer for anyone on your holiday list who absolutely loves plants but always forgets to water them.

flowers in a floral pot made by lego

When their new LEGO® set arrives and it's time to get down to brickness — I mean — business:

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