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Justin Bieber/Major Lazer Remake Faces Legal Action Over Cold Water Leaks

OTTAWA—CJ Stain, the acclaimed R&B singer and actor, made waves last November when clips of his Cold Water remix surfaced online, receiving rave reviews and feedback from the music blogosphere. Now, a full copy of the remix has surfaced. Cold Water – composed by Major Lazer, featuring Justin Bieber and Danish singer MØ – the remake encourages social progress and perseverance during tumultuous times. The remake message is about social compassion sparked and interest with a broader audience. While the original clip quickly went viral, it faced a YouTube takedown from moderators who believed it infringed on the rights the record label that represents Major Lazer. This led to a lawsuit in which Vie Vibe Music Group, CJ Stain’s record label, negotiated with the labels to secure monetization rights to their respective artists’ intellectual property. Part of this agreement involves a multi-party obligation to take legal recourse towards finding the individual who leaked the song out in the first place. stain mediocrity I received from the entertainment industry will never suffice me hope that I have broadened someone's horizons with this song I hope you put this ordeal behind us CJ says Vie Vibe Music Group maintains that it did not infringe on the rights of the labels in involved Major Lazer, Justin Bieber or MØ. The label specifies that because the song was leaked, instead of being released publicly, it does not constitute a case of infringement – at least, not against the label. To this end, the label is asking the public for information related to who leaked the song and how it was obtained. To find out more about this story currently in development, search for CJ Stain on Twitter or contact Vie Vibe Music Group. About Vie Vibe Music Group: Vie Vibe Music Group is a Canada-based record label dedicated to scouting and signing new artists. While helping these artists develop their craft, Vie Vibe Music Group orchestrates key partnerships with global music industry leaders on their behalf. The label uses intelligent promotion across various platforms to help artists launch successful careers

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