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9 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer With Action

Action Soc offer student-led volunteering opportunities in the local community, particularly working with the elderly and children. Let them give you 9 reasons why you should join them!

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1. Have a fun and guilt free break from the library / Via Giphy

Escape the student bubble for a while and the library books while making a real difference to your community. Yep, zoo trips and bowling are a-ok revision breaks, especially when they are boosting your CV with plenty of extra-curricular.

3. Meet new people / Via Giphy

We are a friendly bunch and love meeting and bringing new people into our group. On top of the volunteering projects there’s also plenty of socials so you can get to know your fellow volunteers.

4. Variety! (The spice of life)

There are so many different projects you can get involved in. We’ve got entertainment evenings at elderly people’s homes, afterschool clubs, trips to the zoo with disadvantaged children or even activity packed residential trips with kayaking and bowling… phew! There’s plenty to get involved in.

5. Change the “student” rep / Via Giphy

We all know that students don’t always have the best reputation but that doesn’t have to be the case! Action makes a positive mark on the local community of Leeds and Yorkshire.

6. There’s no minimum time commitment

youtube / Via Giphy

Action is completely flexible! You can volunteer for as many or as few things as you like and fit them around your other commitments. Projects run during the week, at weekends, and in the school holidays, but you always sign up on a one-off basis, so if your find yourself with a tight deadline, it’s not a problem.

7. Break down barriers / Via giphy

Between students and the local community, and different generations. Volunteering with Action lets you meet and chat to people you might not usually, and broaden your mind to learn about the difficulties faced by others.

8. Build skills for your CV

Whether you want to go into a career working with young people or the elderly, or just want to show that you have good time management and used your time at university effectively, Action has plenty of opportunities for volunteering as well as Project Coordinator and Committee roles to progress too.

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