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9 Things You Wouldn't Expect In Freshers' Week

Our guide to letting you do your thing, whatever it is, this Freshers' Week.

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1. Afterglow - the alcohol-free yoga rave / Via Giphy

All the good vibes, none of the hangover. Kicking off at sunset this alcohol-free night of music, henna, tasty hot cacao drinks and (yes you heard right) rave yoga is certainly our choice for an alternative to the usual freshers events.

Snap up your tickets to the Innersense Entertainment Afterglow event here.

2. The Leeds Night Market

With food, food, food and a hefty helping of craft beers, cocktails and a table tennis tournament to round it all off. Oh, and it's all free. Join in here.

And if you're up for dessert grab yourself a ticket to our screening of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

3. A Roller Disco

Skates on, sequins out, 70s dance moves to hand, you're ready to roll. This completely free roller disco is part of the Arrival Party.

4. Flim screenings and sing-a-longs

Tune up , dress up and get your tickets to join other Beauty and the Beast fans for a sing-a-long movie night.

If a golden ticket is more your thing, make sure not to miss the Charlie and the Cholocate Factory cinema screening here.

5. Cheer Up with Comedy Nights

Cheer yourself up if you're feeling a bit homesick with a good ol' giggle. We've got comedy nights right on your doorstep here.

6. A Trip to the Seaside

Get away from it all with a day out to the Yokrshire seaside town of Whitby. Tickets on sale here.

7. Gardening on our roof top garden

Budding gardeners and expert green-fingers welcome on the Rooted Roof Garden for a free spot of planting.

8. Coffee Tour

All of the brew, none of the beer as Coffee Society take you on a brew crawl around Leeds and let you into their coffee spot secrets. Reserve your space here.

9. A Food Crawl

If a food crawl is more your thing, get to know Leeds by chomping your way around it. Snap up your tickets here for a truly food-tastic freshers.

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