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8 Times Rowan Ellis Told It Like It Is

Describing herself as a 'Queer Feminist Geek', here are 8 times Youtuber Rowan Ellis told it how it is.

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1. When she shouted out about her school blocking LGBT+ support websites / Via

“If knowledge is power than taboos are a chokehold”

2. When she encouraged people to make a difference

3. When she supported her community in coming out

Giphy / Via

“You can come out at any time in any place that you feel comfortable… you can do it in anyway… feel free to write them a letter, send them a text, do it by carrier pigeon”

4. When she had your back

5. When she retweeted what all LGBTQ+ people were thinking

6. When she called out Hollywood's portrayal of queer ladies

7. When she stood up for her beliefs

8. When she reclaimed the word queer and told us to get on with it / Via

“We’re here, we’re queer, we’re fabulous, don’t f**k with us”

9. And if that's not enough...

If you fancy hearing more from Rowan, she's joining us on Tuesday 7 Feb as part of LGBTQ+ Month.

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