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7 Ways The Struggle Is Real For Leadership Race Candidates

We get your pain candidates!

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1. Squeezing every less penny from your budget

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The maths! The maths!

2. Waking up early to secure the best poster spots


3. Turning up to a lecture shout out to find someone has already beaten you to it.

photo-bucket / Via giphy

But you got up so early!

4. Trying to explain to drunk people at Fruity why they should vote for you

There's always the opportunity to campaign for votes!

5. Those passive aggressive Twitter accounts

Who are these mystery accounts?

It's #leadluu Question Time. Here's a bingo sheet to keep you amused. Don't say that I don't do anything for you...

'You know you love me xoxo - Gossip Girl'

6. Trying to think of a cool song that rhymes with your name

What goes with Derrick??

7. When you casually walk past a window and catch everyone attending a hustings you weren't invited to

This is worse than the worst ever raging fomo

Campaigning to lead the Union isn't easy - be kind to them!

They've given everything, it's time for you to give them your vote. Elect your Exec here.

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