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11 Really Handy Tools That Also Make Incredible Presents

Need a gift for the handy helper? Let Leatherman handle the job.

1. For the live-in handy worker, the BOND®

BOND® multi-tool

2. For the novice-level tinkerer, the CURL®

CURL® multi-tool

3. For the outdoorsy person, the SIGNAL®

SIGNAL® multi-tool

4. For the DIY'er who does it all, the FREE™ P2

FREE™ P2 multi-tool

5. For the climber, the RAPTOR® RESPONSE


6. For the literal lifesaver, the SKELETOOL® RX

SKELETOOL® RX multi-tool

7. For pool repairs, the WAVE®+


8. For the electrician, the Charge®+ TTI

Charge®+ TTI multi-tool

9. For the heavy-duty worker, the SURGE®

SURGE® multi-tool

10. For the on-the-go tinkerer, the FREE™ T4

FREE™ T4 multi-tool

11. For the person who does handy work for a job, the SUPER TOOL® 300

SUPER TOOL® 300 multi-tool

All images courtesy of Leatherman.

Give the gift that fixes, saws, and even helps start that holiday fire in your hearth with Leatherman, the original American multi-tool company.