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We Had 8 People Write Thank-You Notes To The Inspiring Women In Their Lives

Lean Cuisine asked people to say thank you to the women who inspire them most.

Dearest Chanelle,

Thank you endlessly for being a constant source of inspiration in my life. Your sense of wonder and curiousity for the world make me want not only to see as much of it as you, but to see it through your eyes. Your kind soul and charming nature causes people to gravitate towards you — how lucky I am to be a part of your world.

Love always,


Auntie Grace,

Thank you for being so fearless. For letting me crash rent free for a year. For always keeping Mom laughing, even when Dad passed. For single-handedly raising 6 incredible kids. For turning up to your 50th birthday party hours late and changing your outfit 4 times like a boss. For making sure my weave always slays! For embedding a sense of humor in our family that has transcended generations. Most importantly, for making being a woman look so easy.



Dear Mom,

You've inspired me in so many ways throughout my life. You taught me the value of a strong work ethic and a positive attitude in the face of hardship. My best qualities — the ones that have shaped who I am today — have all come from you. Your steadfastness and appreciation for life make the world (and me) better. I also appreciate how you encourage me to be open and honest with my emotions and feelings, which isn't always easy. Every day, I strive to lead by example, and I'm the luckiest person alive because my best example is my mom. I love you and can't wait to be more inspired by you in the years to come.



(P.S. Your emoji game is ON POINT.)


I am so lucky to have grown up with you. Neither of us have the answers to the tough questions that come with being an adult, but you have shown me that it doesn’t matter, no one really does. Whenever I get stuck in self-doubt, I always think of you before taking a leap of faith. What would Eva do? Your confidence and resilience is so inspiring. Thank you for all the pep talks.

Love always,

Pri 💜

Dear Mom,

No one has had quite the same impact on me as you have. From the beginning, you taught me the importance of kindness and shaped me into who I am today. You instilled in me a curiousity, an unshakable fascination with learning that has carried me through my entire life. I can't fathom what my life would be without your care and guidance. Thank you.



You intimidate everyone you meet. I was no different. You. were. terrifying. But for some reason you let your guard down with me and gave me the best female friendship I never knew I needed. Thank you for teaching me the importance of being fearlessly and unapologetically open with my emotions. You consistantly inspire me to be a better woman.



Dear Nell,

You are the strongest person I know. You make me laugh, and make me feel like it's all gonna be ok. I'm so proud of the person you are and so lucky to have you in my life!

Lover forever + ever,



As you may know, you are my favorite sister, by like, a landslide. I'm writing to you today to let you know that you inspire me more than most people in my life, and I wanted to thank you for that. Your adventurous spirit is contagious - you follow your heart and your instincts and create your own story. I am incredibly proud of you honey. Never change :)

Love, Tara (your only sister)

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