Mental Tripe

I dont have any fascinating name for this piece of writting. hence the title i went with. But its accurate purhapse since its only myself venting, thoughts determind and wriggly like a fish, and guarenteed to not be agree'd with 100%. I'm a woman in my early 30's, and i was probably born at least at 30 in feeling (lol) i feel somewhere around 80 now. So take my postulations please, with a grain of salt. I want to make a motion for People. Not just a motion as might more commonly occur and incite some sort of riotous this way or that way or the highway discussion. but a thought, that gives more challenge to the day then takeing a selfi. not everyone Wants or Needs a child. a child at the wrong time, for the person who does not Want or Need one, can essentially make and or break a person. we dont all need or Want to procreate, can we Please move past children as our sole existance thing? We survived childhood. and are immedietly irrelivent, and thus immedietly all but Required by society to pick a dude or a chick and pound some sheets into submission till we pop out another human to lavish spoil and neglect to teach or discipline. And then we complaine as they get into teenage and young adult years that "they dont listen". and as soon as they have a serious relationship; toss them aside for "when are you having children" Heres another thought, and or question: When can we Please move past our ape like stubborness over pink and blue? can we Please, please for the love of god get past vagina's and penis's? great, you love your procreation tool, its amazing and special. But i hate to tell you this, listen dont shoot the messenger. Your vagina, and or penis, is a part Aaaaall creatures with gender share. it does not mean you can or cannot do something. shocking i know. men and women, share one thing. all People. so lets all be civil, equal and courtious for a change, i know thats a toughy but we can do it. mabye. i dont know ive Seen them advertise pink screwdrivers and black leg shavers trying to make objects genderized. And not all people or objects even need gender for that matter. you laugh, love, bleed and speak with voice and lungs, and thats all you want? thats totally cool. it dosnt affect me, its non of my danm buisness; you do you :) I know most folks wont read this and alot wont care about one non social media active person. But just becasue someone see's no need to be connected 24 7 to people showing babies and food platters, dosnt mean im not a person who lives and works amung each and every one of you, however much we're unbeknownst to eachother. Which is another thought all in its own i just dont have the patients or nerves to go into all at once. I guess what i'd say this has been about is just to do that crazy thing called Thinking and not just recycling in your head "originality" that has been peer forced upon you, or given into your brain via, whatever intravenous upbringing you had. girls, go be scientists, boys strap on that pink apron. you are all people in the end, People, not genderized objects. also mabye Think before you decide the answer to life is creating yet another person. we argue enough with near 8 billion of us. try doubling that in your head and telling yourself thats not gonna be a problem for your future people.

Ldytwigh • 3 years ago