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Musically Facts

Musically: A app where you express yourself

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2. Famous Musically Musers / Via

Musically Famous Musers: Here is a example for a famous muser, a famous muser is a very good Musically maker. Here is Kristen Hancker is very good with transitions which are hand movements which make you move place to place. You may know her from her YouTube channel.

3. What does the crown mean? / Via

The Musically crown means for famous musers that they have been great on Musically and that they are respected, the crown is a very big deal for most people because then you get to go to Musically company and may get to have your own picture and sign it and be a legend.

4. The End

I hope you like the app Musically, it is a great app and it will help you relax and chill for a while away from your problems.

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