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13 Of The Most Adorable Animals That May Cease To Exist

Look at the cute animals and get your awww on

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1. Aldabra Flying Fox

Via Flickr: samandvashti

Don't let the name deceive you. These little cuties are actually nocturnal bats that spend their nights feeding on fruit. They play an essential role in pollination and seed dispersion, and they're just all around adorable!

4. Pika

Pika-Boo. They see you but you don't see them. I guess it's because they like to hide in the rocks. Watch where you walk, these cuties are so cute and cuddly, you don't want to accidentally step on them...

12. Red Panda

Sean Gallup / Getty Images

These cuddly creatures belong in hollywood, not on the endangered species list, however, these babies are having trouble finding a home due to deforestation.

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