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    29 Relationship Scenarios That Are Red Flags In Mexico, The UK, And The Rest Of The Damn World Too

    When they don't introduce you to their family or friends.

    Hi, I'm Lavínia, and I live in the UK (but I grew up in Portugal), and I'm Margot, and I'm from Mexico! With Book of Love out last week, we were inspired to compare our country's respective attitudes on dating and what to avoid — and it turns out they're pretty similar!

    Here are 29 relationship red flags that are the same in Mexico, the UK, and probably everywhere else.

    1. When they refuse to listen to female artists.

    2. When you ask them a question and their response is, "you're funny".

    3. When they treat the staff at restaurants poorly.

    4. When they only text you at night.

    5. When they leave you to make all the plans.

    6. When they never compliment you.

    7. If they're short-tempered.

    8. When they have to constantly remind you that they're "nice".

    9. When you do a makeup look and they tell you that "you look better without it".

    10. Or when they tell you that "you look different without makeup".

    11. When they ask you "what you bring to the table".

    12. When they don't know how to do laundry or any basic housework.

    13. When they put the phone facing down on the table whenever you're together.

    14. When they spam you in your DMs when you don't answer them.

    15. Or when they straight up cuss you out after you've rejected them.

    16. When they mistreat animals.

    17. When they don't introduce you to their family or friends.

    18. Or when you don't want to introduce them to your family or friends.

    19. When they don't wanna talk about their past.

    20. When they intensively ask you about your past relationships, and then end up getting mad about it.

    21. When they never say "I'm sorry".

    22. ...Or when they apologise for everything, all the time!

    23. When they only want to go out with you on weekdays.

    24. When they appear outside your apartment after you asked for little bit of space and time alone.

    25. When they talk a lot more than they listen.

    26. When they say ALL their exes are "crazy", and they talk smack about them.

    27. When they don't have any friends.

    28. When they give you the "silent treatment" (no matter the reason).

    29. And finally, when they give you ALL of their time.

    What are some red flags you always look out for in relationships? Let us know in the comments below, and check out Book Of Love now on Sky Cinema!