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These Coffee Pairings Will Transport You Straight To Italy

La vita è bella. Make every coffee experience authentically Italian with Lavazza’s rich, flavorful blends.

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Lemon cappuccino + cornetto

No Italian morning is complete without a cappuccino. Start your day off right wherever you are with the bright and cheery notes of this citrus-infused beverage, made best with the full-bodied Qualità Rossa espresso blend, and a delectable, flaky cornetto (the Italian version of a croissant) to complement its light sweetness and fruitiness.

Classico blend coffee + toast with hazelnut spread and ricotta

This perfectly balanced, medium-roast blend will rouse you right out of bed. Sip it with a piece of toast smeared with hazelnut spread and ricotta (both Italian staples), and you’ll feel as invigorated as if you were about to embark on a day of strolling cobblestone streets and taking in Renaissance art.

Cherry cold brew + prosciutto and melon

A little sweet and a little savory is exactly what you need when that midday hunger rolls around. This refreshing mix of coffee, lemonade, and cherry — accompanied by salty prosciutto and juicy cantaloupe (a famous Italian combo) — looks as fabulous as it tastes. Prepare the cold brew with Kilimanjaro blend for its crisp and fruity notes and aroma that hints of cherries.

Vanilla iced latte + focaccia

Take a true lunch break like the Italians do and refuel during your busy day with a cool iced latte, made with the full-bodied Crema E Gusto espresso blend and sweetened with vanilla syrup and a square of crisp focaccia — your choice of toppings! A nap next, perhaps?

Intenso blend coffee + taralli

So maybe a post-lunch nap isn’t always in the cards...but an afternoon pick-me-up in the form of a hot, caffeinated beverage and a crunchy treat is! Brew a cup of bold Intenso blend, featuring a balance of smoky and caramelized flavors, and grab some Italian taralli — which you can make or buy in both sweet and savory varieties — to munch along with it. Dipping encouraged but not mandatory!

Hazelnut espresso + gelato

One of the many perks of traveling to Italy is gelato...available on every be consumed multiple times a day. Treat yourself to a couple of scoops of this frozen delight paired with an equally creamy hazelnut espresso, made with the smooth and refined Qualità Oro espresso blend, and you’ll forget what a 3 p.m. slump even is.

Espresso martini + biscotti

Post-dinner coffee or post-dinner cocktail? How about both in one? Whip up this classy espresso martini with the rich Caffè Espresso blend to help take the edge off whatever kind of day you’ve had, and enjoy it with some classic Italian biscotti for the ideal buona notte bite.

Cinnamon ginger coffee + fruit and cheese

The day has come to an end, and it’s time to be calm and reflect. Thankfully, there’s cinnamon ginger coffee to help with that. Prepare this fragrant, restorative beverage with Caffè Espresso blend and enjoy with a sampling of mild cheeses and fruit, which will play off the spice of the drink rather than overwhelming it. Perfetto.

Santa Marta blend coffee + tiramisu

With a balanced, refined flavor, a cup of Santa Marta blend will help you relax and unwind after dinner. Balance its soothing heat and hints of praline with some cool and creamy tiramisu, which literally translates to “pick me up” — so you’ll be able to linger for conversation long into the night — just like the Italians do.

If you can’t get on a plane headed straight for Rome, these pairings are the next best thing! No matter what time of day it is, choose Lavazza coffee and espresso blends for their authentic Italian tradition and taste.

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