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11 Reasons There Is No Purer Love Than The Love Of Coffee

You never forget your first. And with Lavazza, every cup is unforgettable.

1. The memories of when you first learned to like it never fade away.

2. You can have it just about any way because your love is unconditional.

3. No matter how defeated you feel, coffee is there to pick you up.

4. There’s nothing better than sharing it with someone you care about.

5. And you take a special pride in your preparation.

6. It makes for the perfect first date.

7. It can be as sweet as you want it to be.

8. No matter where you are, the smell of a good Italian blend will always bring you right back home.

9. It’s the perfect excuse to get together with a friend and catch up...

10. ...and lose yourself for hours over a good cup and conversation.

11. There’s just something about it that always makes you feel like everything is going to be okay.

Long before the age of the internet, the original social network was coffee. No matter whom you share it with, every coffee lover deserves to experience Lavazza’s rich, flavorful blends.

All illustrations by William Smith.