lauricef Co-founder of the NYC improv troupe Eight is NEVER Enough. Performing weekly shows in the off-broadway show LMAO.
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  • Wario Christmas Songs

    Wario is getting ready for the holidays and what better way to celebrate Christmas? Listen to Wario sing and perform your favorite holiday songs and get a special dvd with extra features! This is just some silly fun we had with the slobish nintendo character…

  • POOP Competition Submission Video

    From New York City’s Upper East Side, the\is slammer is planning to win at all costs and at any price! This is a submission video for the upcoming POOP (Professional Organization of Poggz) championship competition. Pogs are back!

  • Walking Zombieland

    Jimmy, the 300 lb 5 year old is going out trick or treating on Halloween for the very first time and is frightened by all the monsters and other kids dressed up like zombies.

  • Improv Actors Live “World’s Worst” Game by LMAO

    Improv comedy show recorded from live on stage with the actors of the NYC-based troupe Eight Is Never Enough ( presents LMAO “Laugh My Ankles Off Broadway” ( at the Times Square Comedy Club and Arts Center on July 15 2011. In the video: Robert Savage, Andy Scannell, Walt Frasier, Laurice Fattal, Jake Keefe, Pat Reidy.

  • No Lovin’ On The Toilet Music Video

    NO Loving on the Toilet Music Video by Absent Minded Comedy. Country singer, Giggles Mcgee, and the band, Los Huevos Banditos, sing the hot new single and love song from Nashville Tennessee. While doing his chores on the farm, Giggles gets an extreme notion but is turned down by the love of his life. Music by Walt Frasier. Directed by Araxy Hill.

  • Http://

    The Fat Superman is tired of being out of shape and realizes that he must take action to get his life back on track. Featuring Walt Frasier as the Fat Superman, Patrick L Salazar as Batman and Laurice Fattal as Lois Lane. You can catch upcoming performances Hosted by Walt Frasier at LMAO Off-Broadway LIVe in NYC

  • Willow Smith: Whip My Hair Back and Forth Law Suit

    Commercial: Attorney Oscar LaDouche mounts lawsuit against Will & Willow Smith. Whip My Hair Back and Forth victims suffer from Whiplash, Head Injury adn Brain Damage. Hear testimony from actual victims and meet the lawyer that will bring you justice. NOTE: THIS VIDEO IS INTENDED FOR COMEDY ENJOYMENT. Please do not actually sue our buddy Will Smith or his Daughter. His son just might karate chop you. See Walt Frasier and Laurice Fattal Live on stage in the Improv Comedy Show EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH

  • Super Improv Blooper!

    This is priceless..during one of our improv shows Walt decided to make a cameo but knocked over an audience volunteer in the process of exiting the stage!

  • Haters…A Closer Look Into the Negativity

    I’ve been wanting to write a blog about the topic of haters for a while but I thought I could explain it better in a video. I’m not really talking about the youtube haters but more about the general passion behind focusing on negativity..Let me know what you think..

  • Justin Bieber’s HAIR is RIDICULOUS!

    Justin Bieber has a head of hair that every teen and pre-teen wants. They booo him when his name comes up yet they look just like him with the mop top hair cut. RIDICULOUS! PS- Have you ever made out with a puppet?

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