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Hue Are You?

Which color best describes your personality? Use this quiz to find out!

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  1. Which of the following choices sounds most like you if you were stuck in a long line?

    I would wait in line quietly
    I would talk to the people around me
    I would be frustrated but not do anything about it, maybe I'd brainstorm ideas
    I would talk to an employee, raise my voice, or storm out
    I would take in everything around me or make use of my time with a book or phone
    I would think who was watching me or who was around
    I would just daydream
    I would probably eavesdrop on other conversations
  2. How would you categorize your Halloween costumes?

    Hot and stylish
    Simple and classic
    Creative and original
    Cute or funny
    Comfortable and classy
    Scary and unconventional
    I might or might not dress up. Maybe I would just do a color scheme or theme
    It might be a tad nerdy
  3. How would you describe your dreams?

    I don't or rarely have dreams
    I fly in a lot of them
    Usually people I know are in them
    Crazy dreams with conflict or danger in them
    Fun wild places, swirls, magic, etc.
    Fights and arguments
    School, friends, work
    Ones that have ideas or intuition in them
  4. What social media platform speaks to you the most? (It doesn't have to be one that you use frequently.)

  5. Which hat particularly appeals to you? (Google "types of hats" for reference)

    bucket hat, top hat
    trucker hat
    baseball cap
    flat cap
    cowboy/cowgirl hat
  6. How did you meet one of your best friends?

    Through school or work
    Through friends
    Online or through an app
    Grew up together
    Meetup group or special interest club
    Place of worship or religious affiliation
    At a party
    Family friend
  7. What is/was your favorite grade level?

    3rd grade
    4th grade
    5th grade
    8th grade
    10th grade
    11th grade
    12th grade
    9th grade

Hue Are You?

You got: Red

You have a lot of passion and you seek opportunities to showcase your strengths. You are strong-willed and energetic, and often abrupt and assertive. You are able to make quick decisions and lead others. You are also an avid go-getter who can sometimes be a bit forward. Experiencing intense emotions is commonplace for you.

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You got: Orange

You have a lot of creativity in your life. You can be artsy and nonconformist and have a particular way of thinking that makes you stand out. You have a go-with-the-flow and laid-back mentality. Many others are drawn to you. You are also youthful, and drawn toward a hippie lifestyle. Taking things slowly and just trying to enjoy life seems fitting for you, but you can also get caught up easily.

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You got: Yellow

You are the life of the party! You have a contagious energy that makes people smile around you. You like being the center of attention and enlightening people with friendly conversation. You are social, active, and enjoy being athletic. You see the goodness in others and do your part to help people. You are curious, fascinated, inventive, and enjoy bringing people together.

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You got: Green

You are curious and independent. You enjoy learning and constantly look for opportunities for growth. You are health-conscious and care about the environment and animals. You boast vibes of positive energy and enjoy various types of music - easy listening, classical, indy, dance. Meditation and the need for self reflection can be important to you. You also wish for trust and safety in your life and can be money conscious. Rest and relaxation are essential so that you stay fresh and rejuvenated. You think forward and believe in change. Your desire to fix things is ever present, but you can also be satisfied with very little. Adapting and finding the positives in situations with an open mind are your attributes. Your sense of hope and flexibility, and a free mentality open you up to many opportunities.

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You got: Blue

You are introspective and deep like the sea. You seem stable, comfortable, and calm, and have a good health consciousness. You are a loyal friend and someone to trust, and you seek truth and fulfillment. You are also a relaxed and easy-going person.

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You got: Purple

You have a lavish lifestyle! You like to make the most of every experience and uphold your reputation. You may be reserved and poised but you have passions stirring within you. You have a lot hiding that people don't know about you - you are much more than how you appear on the outside. You are considered unique, wise, and mysterious. Sometimes you have trouble defining who you are or what you can do, however. You want to be viewed a certain way but some may see you differently. Overall you are confident in yourself but you, more than others, may see deep flaws and insecurities. You may prefer to be independent and to yourself. You also embody youth and beauty and have a strong sense of nostalgia.

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You got: White

You are youthful, straight-laced, and good to people. You maintain a proper image along with your dignity. Some may find you naive, but you have an inner wisdom that goes far. You are not too eager to share your personal life with others or reveal secrets. You tend to be a perfectionist and play it safe. You are clean and put together, and focused on success. Your positive and soothing nature is refreshing to those around you. You are benevolent and charitable and like to keep things simple. You may be a minimalist who is satisfied with light necessities and someone who appreciates traditions and family.

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You got: Black

You have a powerful personality, but you may be hard to read. Only those who you truly trust can get to know you at a deeper level. You have much contemplation about the world and can be cynical at times. You may have a dark or dry sense of humor, and you sometimes struggle inside. You manifest your power in obscure ways. However, you can also be seen as formal, intimidating, mature, and strong. Some may see you as less than you are, or may not notice you, but you have a lot to show for. You have a sense of fullness, having experienced many different emotions, circumstances, changes, etc. You might hold back, but you let others shine. You also mix well with different types of people.

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