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10 Reasons Why College Is The Best/Worst Years Of Your Life

Some significant reasons as to why College is the best years of your life but maybe also the worst.

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1. You'll find friends that will last a life time.


Friends that you met in high school, may not keep in touch. In college, you will meet friends that you only experience certain memorable things with.

2. You are in a place where it is socially acceptable to drink 4 nights a week.


No alcoholics here! It's not unacceptable if you're looking to drink Tuesday-Saturday because you can always find someone to join!

4. Freshman 15(lbs)....


It's okay! It happens to almost everyone. The stress from school work can lead to stressful eating and with hundreds of pizzerias and cheesesteak restaurants how can you say no.

6. You now live on your own! (or with some awesome roommates)


Probably one of my favorite things about college. Get out of your parents house, and start meeting new people who easily become you're favorite thing at school.

8. "8:00am classes are good to take" -Advisor .... This is FALSE.


Never listen to that lie! As much as you try to convince yourself that 8:00am's are a good idea and that they make you productive... they're really not and they just make you tired.

9. All nighters are never fun... and you may even miss one class to do homework for another class.


The sad truth. Always time manage, because if not you will be spending all nighters at the library and skipping classes to do homework.

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