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21 Chill Gifts To Get You Through The Holiday Season

Stress-relieving products for the most wonderful time of the year.

1. These zen dog garden sculptures.

2. This super-calming meditation box.

3. These adorable ~zenguin~ mugs.

Inspirational and cute AF. Get the set here.

4. This cozy tent just for their bed.

5. This set of light-up building blocks.

6. This accupressure mat and pillow set.

7. DIY some little rice pillows that smell like heaven.

8. This adult coloring book meant to chill you out.

9. The mess-free Buddha Board.

10. A small tabletop meditation fountain.

11. These flexible shoes that are basically socks.

12. This book that will remind you what's important in life.

13. This surreal jellyfish aquarium with changing lights.

14. This clock that tells time with ambient light.

Instead of hands, you can tell by the color gradient what time it is. Which is awesome. Get it here.

15. This actually cute bracelet that lets you monitor your stress levels throughout the day.

Over time, the paired app figures out what your heart rate variability is and should be, and then guides you through meditation exercises meant to even out your breathing and heart rate. Preorder one here.

16. This kinetic sand that will distract from all your worries.

17. This adorable sand garden with a chilled-out gnome.

And precious flamingo rake. Get it here.

18. This activity book that somehow calms and stimulates your mind at the same time.

19. This lightbulb that lets you float among the clouds.

20. This ice cream sandwich body pillow.

21. This desktop punching bag.