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    41 Unique Twists On The Classic Skull Tattoo

    These artists got mad skullz.

    1. This badass Goonies tribute.

    2. This cubist skull even Picasso would swoon over.

    Hollywood / Via

    3. Don't cross this chef.

    4. This two-faced masterpiece.

    5. This flawless cat skull.

    Emily Hanzal / Via

    6. This skull can croon.

    7. Three times the skulls.

    Vitaly Osokin / Via

    8. This skull that brews butterflies? Sweet.

    9. What a charming sun hat!

    10. This insanely realistic (and bloody) skull.

    Charly Huurman / Via

    11. This skull dreaming of the sea.

    12. This skull that's wiser than all of us.

    13. This skull would love to tip his hat to you.

    14. This etched skull looks like it's covered in muscle tissue.

    Mico Goldobin / Via

    15. This very clever hand tattoo.

    16. This skull is rockin' color AND an optical illusion.

    17. This wolf skull is beautifully terrifying.

    18. This skull parachute is weathering a hell of a storm.

    Mike Kyrtatas / Via

    19. This warrior skull, tho.

    20. This deconstructed skull.

    Ricardo Da Maia / Via

    21. This skull is SO small and SO intricate.

    22. This skull is just. So. Cool.

    Chris Rigoni / Via

    23. This punk rock skull.

    24. This crazy detailed geometric skull.

    Chris Zero / Via

    25. So vivid.

    26. This top knot skull.

    27. This skull feels so symbolic. 7 what?!

    28. This skull is so morbidly awesome.

    Vincent Scully / Via

    29. This skull piston is epic.

    30. Capt. Skull, reporting for duty.

    31. This rad sugar skull with nautical accents.

    32. This incredible watercolor skull.

    Frederica Stefanello / Via

    33. This skull looks etched in his skin! Oh wait...

    34. This beautiful patchwork skull.

    35. This geometric hybrid.

    MXW / Via

    36. This skull wants you to treat yo' self.

    37. This gorgeously patterned cat skull.

    38. This skull bursting with crystals.

    39. This skull is equal parts realistic and abstract. Wow.

    Rebecca Smania / Via

    40. This skull is literally dripping with color.

    Sooz / Via

    41. This artistically pixelated skull.

    Swirly Sinatra / Via
    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

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