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    21 Tie-Dyed Foods That Are Actual Works Of Art

    Is this what nutritionists mean by a "colorful diet?"

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. DIY Tie-Dye Smores

    Kelly Mindell / Studio DIY / Via

    Complete the aesthetic with white chocolate. Recipe here.

    2. Rainbow Marbled Donuts

    Sam / Aww, Sam! / Via

    Swirled to perfection. Recipe here.

    3. Tie-Dye Cake with Blue Raspberry Frosting

    Ruthanne / easybaked / Via

    Proof that cake is happiness incarnate. Recipe here.

    4. Tie-Dye Waffles

    Joanna johnson / SheKnows / Via

    When it comes to waffles, the more neon the better. Recipe here.

    5. Tie-Dye Yule Log

    I now celebrate whichever holiday celebrates with this cake. Recipe here.

    6. Rainbow Tie-Dyed Cookies

    Kristin / Dine And Dish / Via

    Some Fruit Stripe worthy layers going on here. Recipe here.

    7. Rainbow Popcorn

    Todd's Kitchen / Via

    Whoa! Watch how to do it here.

    8. Trix Krispies

    Kim Beaulieu / Cravings Of A Lunatic / Via

    Puffy, chewy, rainbow joy. Recipe here.

    9. Easy Tie-Dye Cupcakes

    Love me some pastel tie-dye. Complete with matching frosting! Recipe here.

    10. Rainbow Paddle Pop Fudge

    Steph / Raspberri Cupcakes / Via

    A fave of tie-dye-loving Aussies. Recipe here.

    11. Roasted Strawberry and White Chocolate Rainbow Chip Cake

    Thalia / Butter and Brioche / Via

    Minimalist tie-dye chic. Recipe here.

    12. Rainbow Cheesecake

    Sherbakes / Sherbakes / Via

    Piled high tie-dye. Recipe here.

    13. Rainbow Challah Bread

    Amy / What Jew Wanna Eat / Via

    Yaaas. Recipe here.

    14. Rainbow Popsicles

    Beth / The First Year / Via

    Tie-dye on a stick! Recipe here.

    15. Funfetti Tie-Dyed Cookie Bars

    Shelly Jaronsky / Cookies & Cups / Via

    Tie-dye + funfetti = dream team. Recipe here.

    16. Tie-Dyed Whoopie Pies

    Heather Baird / Food Network / Via

    Tie-dye gets whipped into shape. Recipe here.

    17. Rainbow Spaghetti

    Ali / Gimme Some Oven / Via

    I didn't know carbs could get any more beautiful. Recipe here.

    18. Rainbow Cube Bread Loaves

    Michelle / Foodagraphy by Chelle / Via

    This is actual art. Recipe here.

    19. Marbled White Chocolate Bark

    Susan Lightfoot Moran / The View From Great Island / Via

    Dizzying and delicious. Recipe here.

    20. Crazy Rainbow Lollipops

    Meghan Mountford / Via

    All you need are some candy melts and a dream. Recipe here.

    21. DIY Colorful Peace Cake

    ✌️ 🌈 ❤️. Recipe here.