23 Super Easy Fixes Everyone Should Know

    And how to fix them!

    1. Silence a creaky bed with WD-40 or baby powder.

    2. Stop your leaky shower head by replacing the washer.

    If your shower keeps dripping non-stop, it probably means the washer is damaged and needs replacing. To do that:

    1. Turn the shower head counterclockwise to remove it from the arm.

    2. Swap the small rubber ring (that's the washer) inside the nozzle with a new one.

    3. Wrap the arm with plumber's tape to keep everything tight.

    4. Replace the shower head and voila! You saved yourself an unnecessary plumber's bill.

    3. Sew your own clothes back together.

    4. Use a walnut to buff out scratches in wood.

    5. Unclog your drain without harsh chemicals.

    6. Try vinegar and citrus for a stinky garbage disposal.

    7. Know when and how to sharpen dull knives.

    8. Attack set-in stains with OxiClean and an iron.

    9. Tighten loose doorknobs with plumber's tape.

    Your beautiful antique glass and brass doorknobs have probably loosened over time. To tighten them, remove the set screws and pull off the knob. If the spindle (see above) is all worn down, wrap a piece of your handy-dandy plumber's tape around it before replacing it to tighten it up.

    10. Spackle the small holes in your dry wall.

    11. Quiet squeaky floorboards with baby powder or soap.

    12. Fix a not-so-chilly refrigerator by cleaning the coils.

    13. Salvage your scratched CDs and DVDs with hair gel.

    14. Learn to jump start a dead car battery.

    15. Stop an overflowing toilet by turning the water supply valve.

    16. Sew your favorite paperback book back together.

    17. De-grease your gritty bike chain.

    18. Soften slamming doors with foam weatherstrips.

    19. Save your heating and electric bills by sealing with caulk.

    20. Learn to change a flat tire.

    21. Stop a drippy faucet by changing the aerator.

    22. Use baking soda on pet "accidents."

    23. Revive dead pixels on your LCD with a damp cloth.