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25 '90s TV Characters Whose Style Was On Point

If you didn't want Brandy's braids, you were lying to yourself.

1. Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show

2. Hilary Banks on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

All hail the reigning queen of pie hats and skirt suits. Hilary was somehow trendy and timeless at the same time.

3. Lisa Turtle on Saved By The Bell

4. Tamera Campbell on Sister Sister

With tons of funky colorful patterns and no shortage of denim, Tamera dressed how you would have if you were given a year's worth of allowance and free reign at the mall.

5. Tia Landry on Sister Sister

Your mom would have loved to see you in more of Tia's flowery hats and sensible skirts.

6. Jodie Landon on Daria

The reluctant Queen of the Negroes rocked some understated fashion and flawless braids: The subtlety just made her thoughtful meditations on race stand out even more.

7. Vanessa Huxtable on The Cosby Show

We loved Vanessa because she was way more approachable than Denise, but still effortlessly cool in her menswear and free-flying curls.

8. Whitley Gilbert on A Different World

9. Regine Hunter on Living Single

Regine was like a glamorous, real-life black Barbie, and you desperately wanted to go shopping with her. She taught you how to be a #trendsetter.

10. Kendra Young on Buffy The Vampire Slayer

You loved Kendra because she dressed like a slayer should. C'mon, Buffy, you need more combat boots and aggressive jewelry!

11. Moesha Mitchell on Moesha

Moesha's style was pretty much how Dionne from Clueless would dress if the movie had taken place in South Central. And you were into that.

12. Brandi on Smart Guy

Brandi was just so. cool. She was a role model for athletic tomboys everywhere, and knew how to work the grunge look like a pro.

13. Susie Carmichael on Rugrats

Susie's twist game was on point, and that dress/legging combo was practical and cute as hell.

14. Angela Moore on Boy Meets World

OK, Angela's clothes were kinda "meh", but she definitely taught you a thing or two about your hair's versatility.

15. Max Shaw on Living Single

You loved Max for her all-or-nothing attitude, and she reflected that in her wardrobe: She would pick one bold color and run with it. All hail the mistress of monochrome.

16. Elena Tyler on Felicity

Elena was a crazy busy med student who somehow managed to always look fierce. Next to Felicity's kind of childish ensembles and matching naïveté, Elena was always the one you wanted to emulate.

17. Nina on Cousin Skeeter

When you weren't busy crushing on Bobby, you were girl-crushing on Nina. She was the girl-next-door with a little edge (I mean, damn, look at that chocker).

18. Nicole Lee on Hangin' With Mr. Cooper

How many little girls in your life did you know that actually had style? Nicole was like a mini-Denise, which was basically everything you wanted to be.

19. Aunt Rachel Crawford on Family Matters

Aunt Rachel dressed like the ~hip~, free-spirited aunt you wanted to grow up to be.

20. Khadijah Jones on Living Single

Comfy, casual, and with a touch of hip hop, Khadijah was a barely disguised incarnation of Queen Latifah, and you loved it.

21. Gina Waters on Martin

Basically a grown Hilary Banks, Gina's power suits were a force to be reckoned with.

22. Rhonda Blair on Melrose Place

Sadly we only got one season of Rhonda's classic dancer-bohemian look (albeit all the shell necklaces felt a little on-the-nose), but she was a lovely change from the very blonde Cali style that populated the rest of Melrose Place.

23. LaShawn on In Living Color

The tour guide of your nightmares, LaShawn knew how to work a necktie. How did she manage to look amazing in the least flattering uniforms imaginable?

24. 'Fancy' Monroe on The Jamie Foxx Show

Fancy was a total black bombshell, and in the '90s that meant lots of halter tops and mini skirts that your mom would never let you wear (but you pined for nonetheless).

25. Jackie Ames on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Will's childhood friend who came to Bel-Air on a basketball scholarship, Jackie was super chill and had the style to match. Granted, she was played by Tyra Banks and would have looked great in freaking potato sack.