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25 '90s TV Characters Whose Style Was On Point

If you didn't want Brandy's braids, you were lying to yourself.

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16. Elena Tyler on Felicity

Elena was a crazy busy med student who somehow managed to always look fierce. Next to Felicity's kind of childish ensembles and matching naïveté, Elena was always the one you wanted to emulate.


22. Rhonda Blair on Melrose Place

Sadly we only got one season of Rhonda's classic dancer-bohemian look (albeit all the shell necklaces felt a little on-the-nose), but she was a lovely change from the very blonde Cali style that populated the rest of Melrose Place.

24. 'Fancy' Monroe on The Jamie Foxx Show

Fancy was a total black bombshell, and in the '90s that meant lots of halter tops and mini skirts that your mom would never let you wear (but you pined for nonetheless).

25. Jackie Ames on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Will's childhood friend who came to Bel-Air on a basketball scholarship, Jackie was super chill and had the style to match. Granted, she was played by Tyra Banks and would have looked great in freaking potato sack.