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17 Street Artists To Bring Some Anarchy To Your Instagram Feed

The best art you won't find in a museum.

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1. Hanksy

What To Expect: Colorful pop art parody for TV and movie nostalgics.

Follow here: @hanksynyc

2. Taylor White

What To Expect: Bold, fluid murals that feel like they're actually in motion.

Follow here: @taylurk

3. Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, aka Os GĂȘmeos

What To Expect: Yellow-tinged characters acting out scenes of Brazilian folklore as well as commentary on social and political culture.

Follow here: @osgemeos

4. Gaia

What To Expect: Stunningly realistic portraits surrounded by surreal and colorful backgrounds.

Follow here: @gaiastreetart


5. Dabs Myla

What To Expect: Kitschy cartoons and characters like the most recent MTV Movie Awards stage.

Follow here: @dabsmyla

6. Fumero

What To Expect: "Wild-style" letters, animals and figures, contoured in bold lines and filled-in with expressive colors.

Follow here: @fumeroism

7. David Rice

What To Expect: Surrealist yet folksy nature scenes and geometric designs, sprinkled around western America.

Follow here: @d_j_rice

8. Cleon Peterson

What To Expect: Spartan depictions of violent battles and brutish warriors, turning street corners into coliseums.

Follow here: @cleonpeterson


9. gilf!

What To Expect: Cryptic art and challenging messages of a Brooklyn-based female street and activist artist.

Follow here: @gilfnyc

10. HuskMitNavn

What To Expect: Black-and-white sketches and optical illusions of his cheeky cartoons, as well as peaks of his latest installations.

Follow here: @huskmitnavn1

11. Biafra, Inc.

What To Expect: Politically-charged lettering and stencils, as well as the satirical posters and stickers that Biafra, Inc. favors.

Follow here: @biafrainc

12. Thomas Evans, aka Detour303

What To Expect: Loving and vibrant portraits scattered around Denver, CO, as well as helpful artists' tips and tricks and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Follow here: @detour303


13. DALeast

What To Expect: World travels, abstract street art combining industrialization and nature, and peaks of his coming film set in the jungles of Bhutan.

Follow here: @daleast

14. Blaine Fontana

What To Expect: Boldly colored patterns and symbols of nature, spirituality, and beauty pulled from a variety of beliefs.

Follow here: @blainefontana

15. Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

What To Expect: Assertive feminist campaigns and figures, as well as shout-outs to other outspoken, progressive young artists.

Follow here: @tlynnfaz

16. Molly Bounds

What To Expect: Minimalist and warm-colored comics, murals, and prints that challenge standards of beauty and femininity.

Follow here: @moldybongs

17. Beau Stanton

What To Expect: Classical and Renaissance imagery with a modern, psychedelic twist.

Follow here: @beaustanton