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19 Smart Tips To Protect Your Phone All Summer Long

Two words: phone condom.

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2. Stock up on plastic baggies.

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If you're going to the beach, you should absolutely put your phone in a plastic bag. It will keep it safe from any water or sand on your hands or in your beach bag.


4. If you drown your phone, immediately use a hairdryer on MEDIUM heat.

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You've probably heard of the rice trick, but Gazelle tested and compared it to seven other methods, and they recommend shaking, blowing, and/or vacuuming as much water out as you can before relying on drying agents. Rice, kitty litter, and even a sponge can get out the last few drops, but probably won't save a soaked phone on their own.

5. Know when your phone is too hot.

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Apple recommends an ideal iPhone temperature zone of 32 to 95º F and stored unused at -4 to 113º F. But a good rule of thumb is if the temperature is too hot for you, it's probably too hot for your phone.

6. Keep your phone in the shade while you're in the sun.

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Keep it in your bag or stash it under some towels to keep it cool while you get that vitamin D.

7. Don't leave it in a hot car.

Lifehacker / Via

You may think you're clever for keeping your phone away from the beach by keeping it in your car, but if your car gets too hot your phone will fry too.


15. Use some sticky tape to lift away dirt and sand.


Wrap scotch tape around your fingers with the sticky side facing outward to pick up sand and dirt before they ruin your phone.

17. Get an anti-glare screen.

Ekinyalgin / Getty Images

An anti-glare screen like one of these will save you from turning your phone's brightness all the way up, keeping your phone from overheating and saving your battery.

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