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    23 Things That Happen When You Reunite With Your College Squad

    Remember when you said you'd never drink that much again?

    1. You inbox is quickly overtaken with excited e-mails and plan-making.

    2. Your group text is constantly blowing up as well.

    3. You're finally all in one place and you can't decide who to hug first.

    4. You quickly catch each other up on any ~major news~.

    5. Before you promptly start reminiscing about college.

    6. Seriously, every other sentence begins with "Remember when...?"

    7. If a significant other or new friend is present, it's not long before they have no idea what anyone is talking about.

    8. But the squad is happy to bring them up to speed.

    9. The embarrassing story you never wanted to hear ever again is relived multiple times.

    10. Someone finds your old pre-gaming playlist on Spotify.

    11. You realize just how much you miss college.

    12. And you secretly wonder if you can go as hard as you did back then.

    13. While getting drunk, you remember other times you got drunk.

    14. You automatically fall into your old roles.

    15. You quickly abandon whatever itinerary you had planned.

    16. You pretend it's a bachelor/ette or birthday party to get free drinks.

    17. You declare your love for each other multiple times throughout the night.

    18. It becomes clear that the significant other and/or new friend was only invited to be the designated photographer.

    19. And you all have to coordinate who will post what picture to what form of social media.

    20. If you make it to brunch the next morning, it's like being in the college dining hall all over again.

    21. And you can't believe you used to rage like that on a regular basis.

    22. Thankfully the goodbyes don't feel like goodbyes, because of course you'll see each other again.

    23. And you can't wait to plan the next reunion.