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    21 Clever Tricks All Procrastinators Should Know

    Step one: Get off BuzzFeed.

    1. Set a hard deadline earlier than your actual deadline.

    2. Procraster figures out why you're procrastinating and helps you fix it.

    3. Get a calendar you'll want to look at.

    4. And keep it somewhere you'll definitely see it.

    5. Maintain a Strict Workflow.

    6. Use apps like Schedule Planner to visualize your routine.

    7. Create a system that makes sense to you.

    8. Separate short-term and long-term tasks with apps like Finish.

    9. Know your weaknesses, then make your study plan.

    10. Physically cross things off.

    11. HomeRoutines will get you to organize your house.

    12. Keep moving forward with apps like

    13. Turn everything into countdown.

    14. Apps like Evernote can teach you time management.

    15. Keep track of yourself with Checker Plus.

    16. Use White Noise to block out distractions.

    17. Automate your bills if you can.

    18. Be (over)prepared.

    19. Break it down, baby.

    20. Use guided mediation. Start with Beat Procrastination.

    21. Go public.