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21 Clever Tricks All Procrastinators Should Know

Step one: Get off BuzzFeed.

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1. Set a hard deadline earlier than your actual deadline.

One of the reasons it feels like everything takes up until the last minute to finish is because you're given that much time to do it: It's called Parkinson's law, and it sucks. So since you're basically programmed to run against deadlines, just push the deadline up earlier to give yourself some breathing room.

2. Procraster figures out why you're procrastinating and helps you fix it.

This app identifies exactly what's stopping you from getting your shit done and then gives you the tools to tackle your scariest projects first.

3. Get a calendar you'll want to look at.

You might actually look at your calendar and fill it in if it's pretty, funny, or reflects your interests. We've even got some suggestions.

4. And keep it somewhere you'll definitely see it.

Seems logical, but if you stick the calendar over the desk you never sit at because you always work from your bed, then it's not much use to you.
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Seems logical, but if you stick the calendar over the desk you never sit at because you always work from your bed, then it's not much use to you.

5. Maintain a Strict Workflow.

This add-in enforces the idea of a work time–playtime ratio to help keep in the groove. It will shut down any internet distractions until you've completed your work time, motivating you to get on your game.

6. Use apps like Schedule Planner to visualize your routine.

It will be a lot easier to remember what to do and when to do it when it's easy to check on your phone. You can link most apps to your Google and email accounts too!

7. Create a system that makes sense to you.

Since your life is not as clean-cut as magazines and agendas would have you believe, come up with a way to sort your life into categories that feel natural to you.

8. Separate short-term and long-term tasks with apps like Finish.

Prioritizing is a procrastinator's worst enemy; this app will force you to decide in what order shit needs to get done.

9. Know your weaknesses, then make your study plan.

It's important to spend time studying, but it's even more important that you're retaining what you study. Apps like IStudyPlan force you to you figure out your weaknesses before you even make a game plan.

10. Physically cross things off.

Create a physical to-do list every single day and experience the satisfying joy of crossing things off as they get done. Doing this daily will always leave you feeling accomplished and badass.

11. HomeRoutines will get you to organize your house.

This app organizes all those little chores and errands that are sooo necessary but sooo boring that you always put them off.

12. Keep moving forward with apps like

To make a plan airtight, you've got to think ahead. An app like will help you keep track of your priorities as fresh challenges pop up.

13. Turn everything into countdown.

It makes any project instantly more exciting, and also subtly remind you how quickly time is running out.

14. Apps like Evernote can teach you time management.

Evernote works because it lets you get work done in the same place your schedule is, which not only keeps you on task but also looking forward to the next one.

15. Keep track of yourself with Checker Plus.

This plug-in for your Google Calendar inserts an icon into your browser that tells you how much time you have before your next calendared event, so you basically become a ticking time bomb of productivity.

16. Use White Noise to block out distractions.

If you're in a noisy or chatty environment, some white noise will cancel out distractions and help you concentrate without feeling isolated.

17. Automate your bills if you can.

If you're always waiting until the last minute to pay your bills just because you can, sign up for automatic bill pay when it's offered. It will save you the tummy flip of doom every first of the month.

18. Be (over)prepared.

Get everything you anticipate you'll need (and then some) way before you'll really need it, so when the time comes for you to commit, you actually can.

19. Break it down, baby.

When a project seems way too daunting, break it down into smaller mini-tasks that you can tackle one at a time. Before you know it, you'll be flying through them!

20. Use guided mediation. Start with Beat Procrastination.

Clinical hypnotherapist Andrew Johnson wants to change your unconscious attitude about putting things off by teaching you to focus on the happiness, satisfaction, and confidence you feel when you get stuff done, and totally reject the stress of procrastination.

21. Go public.

Make a public commitment by sharing your plan with friends or emailing your co-workers (“I'll get that to you tomorrow by 5 p.m.!”). When you're actually held accountable, you've got way more incentive to work.