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    22 Pierogies That Are Stuffed With Hopes And Dreams

    And practical things like cheese, meat, veggies, you know.

    1. Classic Potato Pierogies with Herb Butter and Crispy Sage

    2. Bacon Cheddar Pierogies

    3. Homemade Sweet Potato Pierogies

    4. Big Mac Pierogies

    America's fave burger, in pierogi form. Recipe here.

    5. Whole Wheat Pierogies with Garlicky Spinach

    6. Cheddar Pierogies with Sage Butter Sauce

    7. Pierogies with Strawberries

    8. Jalapeño Popper Pierogies

    9. Potato and Cheese Pierogies with Frizzled Leeks

    10. Red Beet Pierogies with Cashews and Pumpkin Mousse

    11. Fusion Pierogies

    12. Beef and Chanterelle Mushroom Pierogies

    13. Sweet Ricotta Stuffed Pierogies

    14. Philly Cheesesteak Pierogies

    15. Curried Potato and Pea Pierogies

    Eastern Europe gets an Indian twist. Recipe here.

    16. Homemade Blueberry Pierogies with Blueberry Sour Cream Sauce

    17. Maine Lobster Pierogies

    18. Caramelized Onion, Paneer, and Basil Pierogies

    19. Reuben Pierogies

    20. Cherry Vareniki

    21. Pumpkin Pierogies with Pecan Sage Cream Sauce

    22. Pierogies with Spicy Feta Filling