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    22 Pierogies That Are Stuffed With Hopes And Dreams

    And practical things like cheese, meat, veggies, you know.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    1. Classic Potato Pierogies with Herb Butter and Crispy Sage

    Sarah Coates / The Sugar Hit / Via

    Master the dough; master the world. Recipe here.

    2. Bacon Cheddar Pierogies

    Sarah Rhodes / A Beautiful Mess / Via

    Monster pierogies for your monster appetite. Recipe here.

    3. Homemade Sweet Potato Pierogies

    Jess Gonzalez / On Sugar Mountain / Via

    Sweet, fried goodness. Recipe here.

    4. Big Mac Pierogies

    America's fave burger, in pierogi form. Recipe here.

    5. Whole Wheat Pierogies with Garlicky Spinach

    Agata / Dietary Frills / Via

    How does whole wheat make everything instantly ~rustic~? Recipe here.

    6. Cheddar Pierogies with Sage Butter Sauce

    Bryan Picard / The Bite House / Via

    Crispy, cheesy, sage-y. Recipe here.

    7. Pierogies with Strawberries

    Kasia / Fotokulinarnie / Via

    It's strawberry season, y'all! Recipe here.

    8. Jalapeño Popper Pierogies

    Casey Barber / The Kitchn / Via

    You'll be poppin' these be pierogies all. day. long. Recipe here.

    9. Potato and Cheese Pierogies with Frizzled Leeks

    Carlynn Woolsey / JJ Begonia / Via

    Crispy and crunchy outside, ooey and gooey inside. Recipe here.

    10. Red Beet Pierogies with Cashews and Pumpkin Mousse

    Daga & Ola / Foodcarraldo / Via

    These are freaking beautiful. Recipe here.

    11. Fusion Pierogies

    Miriam / The Winter Guest / Via

    With dried chestnuts and Spanish Ibérico ham.💃 🏾Recipe here.

    12. Beef and Chanterelle Mushroom Pierogies

    Tosia Kolo / Burczymiwbrzuchu / Via

    Pierogi, you look so elegant! Recipe here.

    13. Sweet Ricotta Stuffed Pierogies

    Yadi I. / Shop Cook Make / Via

    Perfect for dinner or dessert. Recipe here.

    14. Philly Cheesesteak Pierogies

    Morgan Eisenberg / Serious Eats / Via

    That signature thin-sliced beef, with caramelized onions, provolone, and mozzarella. Recipe here.

    15. Curried Potato and Pea Pierogies

    Eastern Europe gets an Indian twist. Recipe here.

    16. Homemade Blueberry Pierogies with Blueberry Sour Cream Sauce

    Julie and Debbie / Cook With Cocktails / Via

    Like blueberry pancakes, but in dumpling form. Recipe here.

    17. Maine Lobster Pierogies

    Sara Bojarski / Urban Cookery / Via

    Watch out, lobster rolls, I may have found a new fave. Recipe here.

    18. Caramelized Onion, Paneer, and Basil Pierogies

    Asha Pagdawalla / Fork Spoon Knife / Via

    Sweet, soft paneer is here to save the day. Recipe here.

    19. Reuben Pierogies

    Change Your Krautlook / Via

    Who knew how badly the world needed little bite-sized, deep-fried Reuben sammies? Recipe here.

    20. Cherry Vareniki

    Katya / Little Broken / Via

    Sweet Russian-style pierogies. Recipe here.

    21. Pumpkin Pierogies with Pecan Sage Cream Sauce

    Angie McGowan/ Babble / Via

    Savory little pockets of autumn. Recipe here.

    22. Pierogies with Spicy Feta Filling

    Katerina Petrovska / Diethood / Via

    You're only 30 minutes away from pierogi heaven. Recipe here.