21 Movies You Should Watch Just For The Outfits

    My favorite character in Clueless was Cher's capable driver outfit.

    1. Cleopatra (1963)

    The Plot: A dramatized story of how the notorious Egyptian queen had Roman rulers Caesar and Mark Antony eating out of the palm of her hand.

    The Clothes: Opulent and metallic, matched with the fiercest eyeliner game you've ever seen.

    2. The Matrix (1999)

    The Plot: Computer hacker Neo learns that his reality is actually a creation of the machines that have come to control humanity, and that he may be the one to save us all.

    The Clothes: All black everything, with tons of shiny leather that's stretchy enough for high kicks, and floor-sweeping trenches that twirl beautifully during fight scenes.

    3. The Hunger Games Trilogy (2012-15)

    The Plot: In order to maintain their totalitarian rule, the country of Panem hosts an annual Hunger Games that sacrifices teens from the country's 12 districts to compete for their lives and the entertainment of the nation. When Katniss competes and defies the game makers, she inadvertently starts a rebellion.

    The Clothes: The best ones come from The Capital–which is basically Panem's ridiculously luxurious 1%– where they love color and texture, and always match their makeup. But even the more utilitarian outfits of the less fortunate are impressive in their mix of fashion and function.

    4. Annie Hall (1977)

    The Plot: A neurotic middle-aged New York comedian remembers the relationship he thought would last with his manic pixie dream girl, Annie Hall.

    The Clothes: Annie is the tomboy to end all tomboys, and we should all aspire to her tie-and-glasses game.

    5. The Great Gatsby (2013)

    The Plot: Nick Carraway spends a summer in Long Island and is drawn into the lavish shenanigans of his neighbor Jay Gatsby and the woman he loves, Daisy.

    The Clothes: With lots of flapper-style sparkle and adorable headbands, every outfit is basically a party.

    6. Marie Antoinette (2006)

    The Plot: This movie follows the misunderstood history of teenage Marie Antoinette — from Archduchess of Austria to Queen of France — all leading up to the French Revolution.

    The Clothes: With gorgeous, frilly 18th century gowns in rich pastels and sorbet colors, everyone slightly resembles the mouthwatering pastries they're always eating.

    7. The Fifth Element (1997)

    The Plot: Set in the 23rd century, an ex-commando turned cab driver must protect the key to Earth's survival: A woman with orange hair and perfect DNA.

    The Clothes: Designed by Jean-Paul Gautier, everything is an unexpected mix of cuts and materials, clearly prioritizing futuristic fashion over comfort.

    8. Moulin Rouge! (2001)

    The Plot: A young British writer falls for the star courtesan at a Parisian nightclub Satine, but the pair must keep their love secret from the club's richest and most volatile patron, the Duke.

    The Clothes:
    Every scene is a glitzy, glamorous production, and Satine is constantly decked out in sequins and jewels. And corsets. So. Many. Corsets.

    9. Funny Face (1957)

    The Plot: An intellectual bookstore clerk is discovered by a passing fashion photographer and eventually offered a modeling contract. But she's unsure how such a vain pursuit could fit her scholarly lifestyle.

    The Clothes: Considering one of the main characters is a fashion photographer, Audrey Hepburn's outfits certainly don't disappoint. Her gorgeous gowns were designed by Edith Head and Givenchy, but it's her black turtleneck and slacks that are pretty much iconic.

    10. Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003)

    The Plot: The Bride has been betrayed, robbed of her unborn child and left for dead by her fellow assassins. Now she's out for revenge against the perpetrators and their leader — and her ex — Bill.

    The Clothes: Though these trained killers have pretty chill street clothes, they get all dolled up for fights; from The Bride's yellow ensemble to the Crazy 88's school uniforms to Elle Driver's versatile eye patch. And as far as Tarantino is concerned, their style certainly rivals any period piece.

    11. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994)

    12. The King and I (1956)

    The Plot: A musical film about a young British widow who accepts a job as governess and English teacher to the royal family of Siam.

    The Clothes: The costumes are seriously stunning and faithfully traditional, made from lots of richly colored velvet and satin, and adorned with intricate, sparkly detail.

    13. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

    14. Mirror Mirror (2012)

    The Plot: This reimagining of Snow White finds the princess banished by her cruel stepmother so she can retain power of the kingdom and the charms of a handsome prince. There she finds seven rebellious dwarves who are happy to help her bring an end to the queen's tyranny.

    The Clothes: Every gown is basically a masterpiece, with life-like patterns, bold embellishments, and freakin' swan headdresses.

    15. Clueless (1995)

    The Plot: Spoiled but well-intentioned rich girl Cher navigates the way harsh world of high school, takes the new girl under her fashionable wing, and even gets to kiss Paul Rudd.

    The Clothes: So many mini skirts, so many pleats. An unrivaled ode to '90s fashion.

    16. Anna Karenina (2012)

    The Plot: Aristocratic and headstrong Anna Karenina travels from 17th century St. Petersburg to Moscow to save her brother's marriage Prince Oblonsky, only to fall in passionate lust with cavalry officer Count Vronsky, drawing the attention–and judgment–of conservative Russian society.

    The Clothes: A beautiful mix of Imperial Russian aristocracy and 1950s Dior designs, every gown makes a grand entrance, and the officer uniforms are all about the tailoring.

    17. Chicago (2002)

    The Plot: When would-be vaudeville star Roxie and has-been Velma both find themselves on trial for murder, they compete for a new kind of fame: to be the most notorious — and exonerated — lady on Murderess Row.

    The Clothes: Further proof that the '20s was the golden age of fringe and sparkles, these costumes pull double duty as gorgeous set pieces and as indicators of reality versus Roxie's imagination.

    18. All About Eve (1950)

    The Plot: An ambitious and conniving ingenue worms her way into the inner circle of an admired but aging actress.

    The Clothes:
    In a movie all about theater, it's not surprising that every outfit feels like a calculated character attribute, especially those of leading lady Eve: she dresses according to whom she's manipulating, downplaying it for sympathy or dressing to impress for agents.

    19. Factory Girl (2006)

    The Plot: Young and beautiful Edie Sedgwick drops out of college to pursue of life of art and freedom in New York City, where she meets the eccentric Andy Warhol. He's totally infatuated with her and makes her the star of his work, but things start to fall apart when she meets an endearing folk singer.

    The Clothes:
    About as over-the-top '60s as you can get — all clashing patterns and smudgy eyes — but it works because these are the pop art elite who would actually wear such things.

    20. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

    The Plot: A rebellious teen and rambunctious boy scout fall run away to be young and in love, prompting their coastal New England town to search for them.

    The Clothes: It's a Wes Anderson movie, so the outfits are whimsical AF. But all the preppy prints and scout uniforms really add to the small-town feel, and the young lovers' ensembles literally took over Halloween.

    21. Memoirs Of A Geisha (2005)

    The Plot: A celebrated geisha remembers the challenging training, bitter rivalries, and unexpected kindness that was in her life leading up to World War II.

    The Clothes: All kimonos, all the time, and every one more intricate and elegant than the last. They're not 100% historically accurate, but the colors and styles capture each character's personality, and look damn good doing it.