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26 Ways To Vastly Improve Your Sucky Commute

Turn the worst part of your day into the best.

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3. Get recommendations for only the best episodes of tons of podcasts at

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NPR rounds up recommendations from listeners, radio producers, writers, and other media folk on the best episodes of their favorite podcasts. Listen for yourself here.


10. If you take public transit, try taking some time to start journaling.

If you're not sure where to begin, try Start Where You Are: A Journal For Self-Exploration on Amazon, or if you like to make your musings a reality, check out the Action Method journal from The Ghostly Store.


16. Master the art of breakfast in a jar.

Because everything is better with food. It can be as easy as filling an empty jar with oatmeal goodness, like the recipe on the left, or cooking eggs in a jar, like on the right.


20. Get a subway map that scales the distance between stops by how much time it takes to get there.

Now you'll know exactly how long your commute takes. This one's for the Boston Commuter Rail, and there's also one for the DC Metro. Check out more maps at Stonebrown Design.