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    26 Ways To Vastly Improve Your Sucky Commute

    Turn the worst part of your day into the best.

    1. Keep everything you need within reach by sticking it to your car's dashboard.

    2. If you're biking, save your butt from certain discomfort with a pair of padded underwear.

    Find the Brigitte in tons of styles and colors at Urbanist Cycling.

    3. Get recommendations for only the best episodes of tons of podcasts at

    4. Or learn a new language with an app like Duolingo.

    Check out Duolingo here, and reviews of other language apps here.

    5. Or recreate your office desk right inside your car with this convenient car dock.

    6. Stay connected to the interwebs no matter how many bars your phone has.

    7. If you walk to work, invest in a legit umbrella, not some dinky one from the drugstore.

    Get the tried-and-true euroSHCIRMM Light Trek Umbrella from Amazon, or the adorable Totes Bubble Umbrella from Target.

    8. Keep your blazer and dress shirts wrinkle free with this portable clothes hanger.

    9. If your biggest fear is dropping your phone on the subway tracks, this phone case with a cute strap is your new best friend.

    10. If you take public transit, try taking some time to start journaling.

    If you're not sure where to begin, try Start Where You Are: A Journal For Self-Exploration on Amazon, or if you like to make your musings a reality, check out the Action Method journal from The Ghostly Store.

    11. Stop rummaging for your office keys or metro card in the bottom of your deep, dark bag.

    The bag light from Lexon is here to save the day.

    12. Drink your coffee, use your tablet, and hold on to the train pole with this hands-free stand and bag combo.

    13. Keep everything you want to read and watch in one convenient place with the Pocket app.

    Master the blackhole that is the Internet. Head over to Pocket to learn more.

    14. This mug lets you brew your coffee while it sits in your car's cupholder.

    It comes with its own drip filter holder that fits perfectly on top of it, so you can make a fresh cup on the go. Get the best mug ever at Fancy.

    15. Kiss tangled earbuds goodbye with these actually stylish headphones.

    Jewelry and tunes for the price of one. Get it in shiny gold or sleek black at Tinsel.

    16. Master the art of breakfast in a jar.

    Because everything is better with food. It can be as easy as filling an empty jar with oatmeal goodness, like the recipe on the left, or cooking eggs in a jar, like on the right.

    17. Catch up on all that sleep time you wasted on Netflix with the Hoodie Pillow.

    The subway just got so much comfier. Get one from Dormify.

    18. Avoid every commuter's worst nightmare of a car catastrophe with this device that monitors your vehicle's diagnostics and driving habits.

    19. And should disaster strike, be prepared with this professional battery jump starter.

    20. Get a subway map that scales the distance between stops by how much time it takes to get there.

    Now you'll know exactly how long your commute takes. This one's for the Boston Commuter Rail, and there's also one for the DC Metro. Check out more maps at Stonebrown Design.

    21. And for those subway rides, try a bag made of cloth or another lightweight material that won't rub you raw or cut into your shoulder.

    Some colorful options include the backpack on the left from BAGGU, and the cross-body carryall from Vera Bradley on the right.

    22. A heated jacket will keep you nice and toasty no matter how frigid it is outside.

    Also good if your office is prone to blasting AC. Get it from Milwaukee Tool.

    23. Pretend you're driving to the beach instead of work with this adorable pineapple air freshener.

    24. Keep your phone alive and well with a wallet that charges it on the go.

    25. Turn that traffic jam into a relaxing, calming moment with this aromatherapy diffuser for your car.

    26. Ditch your real briefcase for this beer briefcase.

    Just wait 'til you're done commuting to partake! Get it at ThinkGeek.