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21 Gifts To Give Yourself When Adulting Is Too Hard

Fun things to make being responsible a little easier.

1. When you're stuck in the scalding-hot outdoor parking at the mall:

Let Han and Chewy cheer you up.

Star Wars accordion sunshade, $9.99 at Amazon.

2. When your calendar is full of things you don't want to do:

3. When you move in and scratch up every inch of the wall:

So much easier and more precise than a new paint job.

Paint Retouching Pens (Set of 2), $9.99 at Vat19.

4. When you've caught the office cold:

5. When you suck at cooking:

6. When every electronic you own is absolutely filthy:

Please, don't use a wet cloth.

Cyber Clean Tech Cleaning Putty, $15.31 at Amazon.

7. And when the mess spills onto your desk:

8. When you try camping and then remember that means sleeping outdoors, lol:

9. When you convince yourself you can take care of a plant:

10. When you just wanna relax in a bath, but you're acutely aware you're just chilling in your own filth:

Who cares when you've got your own tub rave.

Underwater Disco Show, $12.39 at Firebox.

11. When the kitchen smells awful and you cannot figure out why:

12. When it feels like you'll be stuck in traffic for all of eternity:

13. When you're trying to be healthy with green smoothies and mason jars:

14. Or you're trying to ditch soda, but water is SO BORING:

15. When you join an intramural soccer team to stay in shape:

16. When you've been on your feet all day:

The cuddliest massage you'll ever get.

Giant Animal Massage Slipper, $46.39 at Firebox.

17. When you're trying to save money and start packing a lunch:

18. When you're the only single one at a wedding:

There's only one way you're gonna get through this...

Chambong, $25 at

19. When your phone never stays charged, but you never remember to pack a charger:

20. When you really want a dog, but you also want a bomb sound system:

Compromise! That's what adults do.

Aerobull Speakers, $1853.19 at Firebox.

21. When you won't make it through the day without at least four cups of coffee: