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    24 Wooden Accessories As Unique As You Are

    Naturally-sourced style to match your natural beauty.

    1. This juicy painted slice.

    Pair with actual watermelon. Available here.

    2. These precious pug studs.

    Too cute. Get 'em here.

    3. This stunning landscape on your hand.

    You can get the house, mountain, AND tree rings here.

    4. This utilitarian beauty.

    Get this mixed medium masterpiece here.

    5. These hot air balloon hair pins.

    For when your head is in the clouds.

    6. This fast food brooch set.

    Try not to consume. Find them all here.

    7. This compilation of your new favorite woods.

    Walnut, plum wood and ebony, oh my! Check it out here.

    8. These minimalist dipped diamonds.

    Available in four sweet colors.

    9. These incredibly unique earrings.

    Gorgeous. Get 'em here.

    10. This adorable pendant.

    Every sweater and hairstyle is instantly cuter. Find it here.

    11. This engraved bamboo watch.

    Always time for a loving reminder. Customize one here.

    12. This twisted pretzel pendant.

    Freshly baked with love. Find it here.

    13. This winged walnut ring.

    Find this gem here.

    14. This customizable pendulum pendant.

    Pick a color, any color.

    15. This lovely ebony engagement ring.

    16. This string of patterns and pastels.

    Get this long beaded pine necklace here.

    17. This incredible snake bracelet.

    #statementpiece. Available here.

    18. This seaworthy origami boat.

    All the beauty with none of the folding. Get it here.

    19. This rosewood hair bow.

    Part bow, part barrette, all natural. Available here.

    20. This lucky collar clip.

    Fingers crossed. Find it here.

    21. This bright geometric strand.

    Find this pretty painted piece here.

    22. This keepsake box bangle.

    Keep your secrets at hand. Get it here.

    23. This floppy-eared ring.

    Too. much. cute. Get it here.

    24. This bicycle brooch.

    Let's ride. Get it here.