27 Jamaican-Inspired Recipes You Need In Your Life

Pass the saltfish and ackee fritters, please.

1. Montego Bay Jerk Chicken

Kate Lesueur / Jennifer Rose Smith / Via

You’ll never cook chicken any other way. Get the recipe here.

2. Saltfish and Ackee Fritters

Jehan can cook / Via

The classic fish & fruit, in fritter form! Recipe here.

3. Fried Plantains

fiveandspice / Via

So sweet and delicious, have ‘em for dinner AND dessert. Recipe here.

4. Jamaican Carrot Juice

Immaculate Bites / Via

Sweetened with vanilla and condensed milk, this goes above and beyond “juice”. Recipe here.

5. Jamaican Festival

Immaculate Bites / Via

Like hushpuppies, but better. Recipe here.

6. Jamaican Run Down

Immaculate Bites / Via

A hearty stew that proves mackerel is the best fish in the world. Recipe here.

7. Jamaican Patty Pops

Carole Nelson Browne / Via

Make this spicy classic meat pie to-go. Recipe here.

8. Curried Goat

Immaculate Bites / Via

Goat is actually one of the most popular meats in the world, and for good reason. Get the recipe here.

9. Gizzada

ChildofMidnight / CC BY http://2.0 via Wikimedia Commons / Via

A flaky tart filled with deliciously toasted coconut, aka your new favorite dessert. Recipe here.

10. Jamaican Oxtail Stew

Andrew Armtstrong / Via

Oxtail is not nearly as intimidating to prepare as it sounds. Check it out here.

11. Rice & Peas

NIkisha Brunson / Via

Or (coconut) rice and (kidney) beans. Watch a video here.

12. Callaloo

Immaculate Bites / Via

The best way to eat your veggies. Get the recipe here.

13. Roasted and Fried Breadfruit

Cook Like A Jamaican. / Via

A weird-looking fruit that will fill you up. Watch how to do it here.

14. Mannish Water

Simone Booker / Via

A mildly spicy soup with juicy goat and yummy dumplings. Recipe here.

15. Homemade Ginger Beer

Cookbooks 365 / Via

Just enough spice. Recipe here.

16. Jamaican Fried Fish

Aka whole fish fried in all the right spices. Recipe here.

17. Bammy

Immaculate Bites / Via

An easy vegan and paleo flat bread, dipped and fried in coconut milk. Get the recipe.

18. Fish Tea

Cook Like A Jamaican / Via

Because this stuff is too awesome to just be “soup”. Recipe here.

19. Blue Drawers

The Lovely Pantry / Via

Usually cooked in banana leaves that appeared to take on a bluish hue when cooked, these pockets of sweet pudding are irresistible. Recipe here.

21. Stew Peas & Rice

Cook Like A Jamaican / Via

A hearty staple. Learn how to make it here.

22. Stamp and Go

The Lovely Pantry / Via

Aka codfish fritters, aka heaven on earth. Get the recipe.

23. Soursop

Cook Like A Jamaican / Via

Known as a Guanabana in South America, this juice is so refreshing. Recipe here.

24. Sweet Potato Bun

The Lovely Pantry / Via

Knock out two Jamaican holiday essentials with one delicious treat: the Christmas pudding meets the Easter bun. Recipe here.

25. Brown Stew Chicken

Immaculate Bites / Via

This slow-cooked dish will fill your kitchen with the most amazing smell. Recipe here.

26. Jamaican Toto

That Girl Cooks Healthy / Via

A crumbly coconut cake that’s paleo and gluten-free! Recipe here.

27. Jamaican Guinness Punch

Jehan Can Cook / Via

A delicious imitation of Irish Moss, the drink of champions. Recipe here.

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