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    19 Items Anyone Obsessed With Toile Print Will Freaking Love

    AKA: Everyone who wishes they were frolicking in a French countryside right now.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    1. This clock that makes it clear that it's toile time, all the time.

    Get this handmade masterpiece from Golden Days Designs.

    2. This armchair offers all the charm of an antique pattern without the old, creaky furniture.

    The stuff of reading nook dreams. Find it at Anthropologie.

    3. Get lit like a dang lady with this elegant flask.

    4. Indulge your wanderlust and inner designer with this printed wallpaper.

    So cosmopolitan. Find this removable wallpaper at Anthropologie.

    5. Feel like a pastoral princess in this peplum top.

    Find it at Mclaineo.

    6. Keep your furry friends well-fed with these classy mealtime accessories.

    Please note the little puppy cherubs. Get the pet food canisters on the left here and a charming bowl like on the right here, both from Harry Barker.

    7. Carry yourself—and all your crap—with style and grace.

    Get the tote on the left from My French Neighbor, or the kiss-lock clutch on the right from TGLine.

    8. Stay comfy with these vintage Parisian fashion prints from the 1840s.

    Find these printed leggings at Society6.

    9. Drink your espresso like you're lounging in the idyllic countryside.

    Find these Avon espresso mugs at Mile High Vintage 303.

    10. Make the most of a rainy day with these extremely cute rain boots.

    Get a pair from Buffy Boots.

    11. Bring out your rustic side with this log cabin lamp and toile shade.

    You eccentric, you. This unique find comes from Deep South Treasures.

    12. Welcome shorts weather with your most posh pair.

    Get these French toile shorts for men from Old Bull Lee.

    13. These toile-printed tech cases beautifully juxtapose past and present.

    Get the tech sleeve on the left from In Style Living, and the unicorn-scene phone case from Society6.

    14. There's no better place for your precious trinkets than a toile printed container.

    Get the jewelry dish on the left from Donari Designs, and the box on the right from Nellie Bly Home Decor.

    15. And add a subtle touch of toile to your abode with these antique knobs.

    Get a set of ten from Leila's Loft.

    16. Grace your bathroom with this relaxing farm scene shower curtain.

    17. These dainty scarves add a feminine touch to just about anything.

    Find these silk scarves at Elizabetta.

    18. This gorgeous mannequin is for everyone who knows it's all about presentation.

    19. Keep it classic with a delicate floral toile tablecloth.

    So grown up. Get one from Williams + Sonoma.

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