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    18 Red Flags That You Learned To Drink In Boston

    Drunchies of choice: Cape Cod chips and a fluffernutter.

    1. You have made the pilgrimage to the New Hampshire State Liquor Store.

    2. You know what beirut is and that it is far superior to beer pong.

    3. You have drunkenly cheered on marathoners.

    Steven Senne / AP / Via


    4. You've probably shoveled drunk.

    America Ignores Common Sense, Embraces Drunk Shoveling

    5. You can spot a fake ID like a pro.

    theleetgeeks CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: theleetgeeks

    If you're gonna fake it in Boston, bring your A game.

    6. You genuinely feel sorry for dry towns.

    Alexrk2 / Via

    Our hearts go out to you, Westhampton. Way to get with the times, Swellesley.

    7. You have no idea what happy hour is.

    Wait, why don't we have those?!

    8. You plan on when to get drunk, because you know liquor stores will be closed when you need them most.

    Don Nunn CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: donnunn

    Hey thanks for the legacy, Puritans, all these blue laws are AWESOME.

    9. It took you a while to figure out that not every bar in the country is an Irish pub.

    10. The T has definitely stopped running before you're done drinking.

    11. You have drunkenly tripped over cobble stones.

    Matt Kieffer CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: mattkieffer

    Yes, they're beautiful, but God forbid you've had a few shots and are wearing heels.

    12. You have maybe sorta actually been slightly offended by Dick's Last Resort.

    13. You have zero recollection of that scorpion bowl at The Kong.

    But that slice from Noch's sure hit the spot.

    14. You have slurred through your practiced speech for why your sports team is the best.

    Stan Grossfeld / The Boston Globe / Via

    "Nooo nooo, shut up, lizzen to me... Brady iz a GOD."

    15. You have drunkenly shoved a cannoli (or eight) into your face.

    16. You have taken forever to choose a beer at Sunset Grill & Tap.

    Michael C. / Via

    17. You were shocked to learn that Sam Adams is not as widespread as Bud, Coors, or even Miller.

    James CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: turkguy19

    But it's a beer staple!

    18. St. Patrick's Day is simultaneously the greatest and worst day of your year.

    "There's a shamrock dick on my face."