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    29 Flower Recipes To Brighten Your Impending Winter

    Going to the florist will forever make your mouth water.

    With winter lurking just around the corner, all your soups, stews, and comfort food are gonna need some ☀️brightening up☀️.

    Eden Passante / Sugar & Charm / Via

    With plenty of edible flowers–like lavender, pansies, squash blossoms, and roses–almost always reasonably available at your local florist and grocery store, there's no reason you can't pretend it's sunny springtime year-round in your kitchen.

    Here are some recipes to help! 🌺🌹🌼🌿

    1. Lemon Vanilla Bean Cake with Lilac Meringue Buttercream

    Meghan Faulk / Oatgasm / Via

    As pretty as it is yummy. Recipe here.

    2. Floral Donuts with Blood Orange-Lemon-Ginger Glaze

    The Merry Thought / Via

    Worth the effort. Here's the recipe.

    3. Blueberry Chèvre Crostini with Champagne-Vinegar Hibiscus Flowers

    Steph & Ang / Cali Zona / Via

    The snack that can double as a centerpiece. Recipe here.

    4. Lavender Shortbread Cookies

    Meinhilde and Tomiko / Kiku Corner / Via

    Tea time approved. Recipe here.

    5. Edible Flower Bark with Sprinkles

    Brittni Mehlhoff / Via

    And art project and recipe in one. Recipe here.

    6. Beer-Battered Zucchini Flower Fritters with Curried Tomato Coulis

    Viviane Bauquet Farre / Via

    Deep fried veggie flowers? Yes please.

    7. Candied Wisteria Flowers

    Maky Lab / Via

    The perfect topping to pretty much anything. How-to here.

    8. Savory Ricotta Tart with Fresh Flowers


    Recipe here.

    9. Winesicles

    Molly Madfis / Kendall Jackson / Via

    Wine popsicles with flowers = crowdpleasers. Recipe here.

    10. Garden of Eden Spring Rolls

    Once Upon A Plate / Via

    But isn't thing what you thought when you first heard of "spring rolls"? Recipe here.

    11. Dandelion and Feta Tart

    Urvashi / The Botanical Kitchen / Via

    Tart for days. Recipe here.

    12. Rosey Rocky Road

    Lauren Glucina / Ascension Kitchen / Via

    Oh brownie, you look so elegant! Recipe here.

    13. Violet Jelly

    Winnie Abramson / Via

    This is probably what fairies put on toast. Recipe here.

    14. Dandelion Pancakes

    Winnie Abramson / Via

    Pancakes made with weed(s). Recipe here.

    16. Warrigal Greens Gnocchi with Black Garlic

    John / Heneedsfood / Via

    Green gnocchi! Recipe here.



    The easiest way to make cheesy ever better. Recipe here.

    18. Cherry Rose Smoothie

    Emma / She Can't Eat What? / Via

    For all you gluten- and dairy-free peeps. Recipe here.

    19. Pansy Crêpes

    With A Grateful Prayer And A Thankful Heart / Via

    Like an artful canvas for Nutella. Recipe here.

    20. Nasturtium and Basil Pesto

    A Cook's Memoir / Via

    And you thought pesto couldn't get any better. Recipe here.

    21. Beef Stew with Pansies

    Ann / Grits and Chopsticks / Via

    Yup. Get the recipe here.

    22. Summer's Sweetest Cake

    Maikiki / Maikon Mokomin / Via

    Starrin ~meadowsweet~. Recipe here.

    23. Floral Goat Cheese with Dill and Cracked Pepper

    The Merry Thought / Via

    A floral spread everyone will love. Recipe here.

    24. Roasted Flowering Broccolini with Hazelnuts and Lemon Shallot Dressing

    SoHungryBlog / Via

    The best part of broccolini you've been forsaking. Recipe here.

    25. Floral Foccacia

    Fennel and Fern / Via

    Sweet herby carbs. Recipe here.

    26. Grown-Up Dirt Cake Cups

    Alyssa Ponticello / Via

    Dirt Dessert gets an elegant makeover. Recipe here.

    27. Hibiscus Loaf Cake


    Flower your flour. Recipe here.

    28. Daylily Fritters

    Aube / Kitchen Vignettes / Via

    Fried flowers. You're welcome. Here's the recipe.

    29. Strawberry Lemon Custard Trifles

    Toni Dash / Via

    A classic. Recipe here.