24 Ways To Decorate Like You're An Old Hollywood Star

    Recreate the golden age of Hollywood with plenty of velvet.

    1. Treat yourself with a vanity worthy of any dressing room.

    2. And complete it with these ornately glam accessories.

    Find the lipstick holders on the left at Oak Hill Vintage, and the mirrored tray on the right at Ann Marie Family Tree.

    3. Get your Gatsby on with a gold art deco-inspired wall stencil.

    4. Get ready for your close-up with this converted box camera from the 1930's.

    5. Or pay homage to the lighting that bathed the stars in that classic glow.

    6. Make your very own vintage movie marquee.

    7. Display this 1940's souvenir booklet from the historic Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

    Remember autograph books?! Get this one at Joules Vintage.

    8. Hang a colorful depiction of some boss Hollywood leading ladies.

    Get the Marlene Dietrich watercolor from Valr Art, and the Audrey Hepburn pop print from Pop Shop Printables.

    9. Update your home theater with this end table fashioned to look like a movie reel.

    10. Collect custom dolls of classic Hollywood icons in their most fashionable outfits.

    You can get Mary Astor from the Maltese Falcon on the left, or bombshell Veronica Lake on the right, among others from Uneek Doll Designs.

    11. Make yourself an Oscar out of Ken dolls.

    12. Or string a garland of stars to rival those on the Walk of Fame.

    13. Store your most precious trinkets in velvet-lined glamour.

    14. Create a cinematic ambiance with some old film negatives and a candle votive.

    Wrap them the candle holder, light the candle, and project the classics. See how to do it here.

    15. Nothing says glam like a velvet tufted headboard.

    16. Except perhaps a mirrored dresser reflecting your teeny tiny puppy.

    17. Hang a chandelier dripping in pearls and crystals:

    18. This map of Los Angeles in 1932 lets you see the world the way the stars of yesteryear did.

    19. Store your wine in a repurposed film reel.

    20. And take your drinking to the Hollywood level with a crystal decanter.

    21. And don't forget to pop champagne with these DIY flutes.

    22. Adorn your living room with the two most glamorous materials there are: sequins and velvet.

    Get the sequin one on the left at Mrs. Freund & Co, and the velvet one on the right at Art Deco Pillow.

    23. Distract your poker opponents with the faces of screen legends.

    24. Go big with opulent, feather-adorned lighting.