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23 Drawings Of Food You Won't Believe Aren't Photographs

Can you finish this post without grabbing a snack?

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1. This hunk of steak.

No utensils needed.

2. These tightly-packed sardines.

So. Many. Dots.

These are all hand-drawn with pen and paper by Australian artist CJ Hendry, who recently published a series entitled 50 Foods in 50 Days, in which she published a new drawing on her Instagram every 24 hours.

4. And she clearly nailed it. Just look at this baguette.

6. These M&Ms in the making.

Hendry explains on her Instagram that the idea for the series came to her after reading an article about the last meals of prisoners on death row.

"So often people will ask hypothetical questions about what their last meals would be so I asked around a little and everyone I spoke to said something different."

So she figured, "If today really was your last meal wouldn't you want it presented on the finest plate money can buy?"

"Hence I went to buy heaps of Hermès dinnerware and proceeded with the idea so I hope you enjoy it."

8. Only the finest for these plump blackberries.

9. This Oktoberfest-worthy pretzel.

11. These crunchy tortilla chips.

12. These fancy AF quail eggs.

14. Which grapefruit is real?!

According to her Instagram, Hendry draws from photographs.

She worked with photographer and fellow Australian Toby Scott over the course of two days to capture "ridiculous amounts of food, and yes, we eventually ate ourselves into a food coma."

15. So worth it. These carrots, tho.

16. This prickly pineapple.

17. This crab that maybe just crawled out of the ocean.

18. This. Pizza.

πŸ• πŸ• πŸ• πŸ•

19. These intricate walnuts.

Hendry did not take her project lightly, and her Instagram is covered in hashtags like #solitaryconfinement and #thestruggleissooooooooooooreal

20. Um, it totally paid off. Behold: This octopus.

21. These meticulous macarons.

23. The sunniest egg you've ever seen.

Follow the series on her Instagram and check out her amazing work over at The Cool Hunter.

h/t ThisIsColossal.

Artist CJ Hendry's last name was misspelled in an earlier version of this post.

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