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    19 Things You Didn't Know You Could Embroider

    These are sew cute.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Turn a pair of inexpensive sunglasses into a priceless pair.

    Learn how to do it here.

    2. Elegantly embellish the covers of your favorite books.

    Get some more inspiration here.

    3. Claim your rightful throne by monogramming your chair of choice.

    Kate Pruitt / Via

    All it takes is an embroidered initial. Learn to do it here.

    4. Liven up your table setting with these easy embroidered placemats.

    Check out the tutorial here.

    5. Or brighten up your beverages with these color-block coasters.

    Diana Rupp / Design Sponge

    That is some tight. stitching. Watch and learn here.

    6. You can even embroider a wooden cupboard or wardrobe.

    A wardrobe worthy of Narnia. Learn to do it for yourself here.

    7. Personalize your thank-you's by hand-embroidering some note cards:

    Your notes just got that much more thoughtful. Learn to do it yourself here.

    8. Or show off some custom stitch work with this leather cuff.

    Find a step-by-step guide here.

    9. Remember a favorite road trip by stitching it into a plain ol' map.¢er=276964¢er=276964

    Or beautifully plan your next one! Get the instructions here.

    10. Welcome springtime with some embroidered eggs.

    Brett / Design Sponge / Via

    Just in time for Easter! Learn to do it here.

    11. Have an extra cutesy Halloween with these cross-stitch pumpkins.

    Sam Ushiro / Via

    Get a step-by-step guide here.

    12. Update your canvas kicks with an original embroidered pattern.

    Check out the abstract heel pattern on the left here, or get festive with pom poms and "sprinkles" here.

    13. Or stitch some one-of-a-kind sandals for summer.

    Meghan / Blitzy / Via

    Get the instructions here.

    14. Make errands instantly more fun with a personally embroidered tote bag.

    Sara Curtis / Via

    'Cause plain canvas is boring AF. Learn to do it here.

    15. Take your scrapbooking to the next level by stitching in colorful accents.

    Check out how to be cutesy and organized with patterns and labels like the ones on the left here. Or learn how to artfully embellish a gorgeous scene like the one of the right here.

    16. Keep your keepsakes in subtly stitched wooden box.

    Learn to start from scratch by drilling your own pattern like the box on the left here. Or stick to stitching with a grid top box like the one on the right with this tutorial.

    17. Easily add some pizzazz to your desk with colorful thread and cardboard tubing.

    Eryn / Eryn With A Y / Via

    Stitch any pattern you like! Find a simple how-to here.

    18. Stitch a whimsical pattern into your shower curtain.

    Bri Emery / Design Love Fest / Via

    Check out how to do it here.

    19. Customize a mesh dotted phone case with a colorful combination of patterns.

    You could get a case like this one or punch holes in a soft-shell one. Find more about the pattern on the left here, and the ones on the right here.

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