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    24 Things All Theme Park Lovers Will Understand

    Can I be buried in the graveyard behind Tower of Terror? Just wondering. For a friend.

    1. The instant punch in the nostalgia when you arrive at the park.

    Disney / Via


    2. Stuffing your face with all the sweets you can only find at theme parks.

    The yummiest ones are primary colored.

    3. And chowing down on some impressively shaped food, too.

    4. But not feeling bad about it 'cause you're about to walk literal miles.

    @capturingmagic_ / Via

    5. Avoiding getting in line behind the group in matching t-shirts.

    torinsmom / Via

    6. Keeping your eyes peeled for all the rumored hidden gems around the park.

    Like this woodpecker at Legoland, or Kreacher peaking out from Grimmauld Place at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

    7. Having your hopes and dreams dashed when your favorite ride is out of commission.

    Doc Cotton / Officer Hush / Via


    8. Marveling at how much engineering and steel and vision it takes to make a freakin' theme park.

    9. And praying they did their jobs well when you step onto the rides.

    @rockymountainconstruction / Via

    They better have engineered the shit out of this.

    10. Knowing that amusement parks are the best date spots around.

    Luckybusiness / Getty Images

    If your date doesn't wanna go, why are you dating them?

    11. Judging everyone who didn't bring a bathing suit for the water rides.

    @abigailcotter / Via

    I remember my first amusement park.

    12. Being wary of anyone who says they're so excited they might throw up.

    @macaw2000 / Via

    Don't do that.

    13. Getting to step into the actual world of your favorite books and movies.


    14. Or feeling like the superheroes who inspired your favorite rides.

    @deciopaes / Via

    15. The agony of enduring the excitement and frustration that builds deep in your loins while you're standing in the longest line ever known to man.

    @emmapaw257 / Via

    16. And the rare, unparalleled joy of finding a ride with NO line.

    @cassibocaj / Via

    Sure it's the dinky kid coaster but WHO CARES, NO LINE.

    17. Deciding whether you're brave enough for the front of the roller coaster.


    Always ask yourself; where would Mariah sit?

    18. When you and your friends discover the single riders line and have no problem splitting up if it means you get to ride sooner and more often.

    @kulaide / Via

    All the single riders, now put your hands up!

    19. That moment before your stomach drops and you notice there's actually a great view.

    Theme Park Review / Via

    20. Trying to figure out where the cameras are so you can strike a pose for your souvenir pic.

    Or, you know, ask someone to spend their life with you.

    21. When you're adult enough to go to the amusement park anytime you damn well please, like on a weekday when no one else is around.

    Disney / Via

    THIS is why I wanted to grow up in the first place.

    22. When you decide to go a not-so-gorgeous day, and you have the park basically to yourself.

    oskie un bacio CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: oskiamo

    And it's kinda beautiful.

    23. Posing with characters, no matter how awkward you feel.

    @palomaresk / Via

    24. Knowing that no matter how old you are, you can always be a kid again here.

    Six Flags / Via

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