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    17 Ways To Have A Crafternoon With A Bottle Of Booze

    Boozy DIYs for your liquor and the bottle it came in.

    1. Make tiny chairs from champagne corks and muselets.

    2. Make a table out of all your fave beer caps.

    3. String together some nip lights.

    And instantly class up any outdoor space. Find instructions here.

    4. Paint with wine.

    5. Fashion a soap dispenser out of your favorite empties.

    6. Turn any empty vessel into a perfectly painted vase.

    7. Or yarn bomb them.

    8. Turn your beloved empties into functional lighting fixtures.

    9. Or slice off the top half and turn them into candles.

    10. Go big and make a mini aluminum stove.

    Make it feel like you're always camping. Watch how to do it here.

    11. Bring a grown-up piñata to the party.

    12. Fashion a fashionable beer koozie.

    13. Make a wine bottle plant waterer.

    14. Gift the gift of inebriation with a six-pack of reindeer.

    15. Make your own snow globe ornaments out of empty nips.

    16. Assemble a boozy advent calendar.

    Because what are the holidays for if not drinking? Simple instructions here.

    17. Turn an empty beer can into a popcorn popper.