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    23 DIYs For Everyone Obsessed With Colorblocking

    Like a fresh coat of paint for your life.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Give an old pair of chinos a splashy makeover:

    Erica / Honestly WTF / Via

    It'll feel like you're always wading in a serene ocean. See how to do it yourself here.

    2. Melt down some crayons into these gorgeous candles:

    Misty Spinney / Brit + Co / Via

    The possibilities are actually endless. Check out how to make 'em here.

    3. Create a colorful closet without buying any clothes:

    Sara Albers / Alice & Lois / Via

    Just update the hangers! See how to do it here.

    4. Instantly improve wine o'clock with colorblock frosted tumblers:

    Vicky Barone / Via

    You can try all kinds of designs by following the method laid out here.

    5. Turn your office chair into a party chair:

    Malissa & Machelle / A Joyful Riot / Via

    A pastel party, that is. Learn how here.

    6. Be colorful only half the time with a colorblock clock:

    Molly Madfis / Almost Perfect / Via

    Easy as 1, 2, 3. Get the how-to here.

    7. Craft some striking planters with geometric colorblocking:

    Bre Bertolini / Bre Purposed / Via

    Because all plants need sunlight, water, and a gorgeous planter. Learn to make one here.

    8. Get lucky with some perfectly painted horseshoe charms:

    Sarah Khandjian / Sarah Hearts / Via

    🎵 We craft all night to get lucky. 🎵 See how to do it here.

    9. Easily shake up your living room by updating your throw pillows:

    Sage / Plaster & Disaster / Via

    Find the super easy instructions here.

    10. Give your cooking the presentation it deserves with colorblock trivets:

    Cinnamon buns not included. Get the tutorial here.

    11. Frame your favorite moments in colorblocked perfection:

    Bre Bertolini / Bre Purposed / Via

    And finally print out all those Instagrams. Learn to paint your own here.

    12. Colorblock the perfect sweatshirt out of diagonal designs:

    Ren Murphy / Inspired By Wren / Via

    Find the sewing pattern and tutorial here.

    13. All you need to make a work of art are some color-coordinated paint chips:

    Cori George / Hey Let's Make Stuff / Via

    And boom: instant decor. Get the DIY here.

    14. Make some cutlery you actually love with your own colorblock pattern:

    Kelly Mindell / Studio DIY / Via

    A great idea for parties too! Check out this pattern and more here.

    15. Customize some chromatic Ikea storage:

    Jared Smith / Sugar & Cloth / Via

    Store in style. Check out how to do it here.

    16. This coiled-rope basket is even cuter with a pop of color:

    Kate Pruitt / Design Sponge / Via

    See how to thread one yourself here.

    17. Keep it clean with your own colorblock soap:

    Kelly Bryden / Brit + Co / Via

    Who knew making soap could be so cool? Get the instructions here.

    18. And complete the bathroom decor with some colorblock shower curtains.

    Lucas Allen / Martha Stewart / Via

    Go big. Check out how to make some here.

    19. Get fancy with these ~faux bois~ colorblock place mats:

    Shauna Younge / Sweet Tooth / Via

    All fake wood is now ~faux bois~. Get the DIY here.

    20. Accessorize boldly with this colorblock beaded necklace:

    Sara Albers / Alice & Lois / Via

    Simple and special. Learn to make it here.

    21. Personalize a vintage camera with your own colorful pattern:

    Margo Isadora / Don't MIS It / Via

    Check out how to paint an old Holga like this one here.

    22. Spoil your feline bestie with a colorblock scratching post:

    Laura Gummerman / A Beautiful Mess / Via

    Because most scratching posts are fugly, tbh. Check out how to make it here.

    23. Instantly update your well-loved moccasins with some unexpected color:

    Eric / Honestly WTF / Via

    See how to paint a pair yourself here.

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