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24 Cakes That Want To Be Your Everything

Cake is willing to dress up as other foods, if you're into that.

1. It's OK guys: Cake knows that you're not always in the mood for cake.

2. It would be crazy if all you ever ate was cake, 24/7. Cake gets that.

3. Cake knows you need other foods in your life.

4. Cake has heard about sandwiches — they sound awesome!

5. Cake knows there's a whole world of food out there for you.

6. Cake understands! Cake knows you need more. And Cake is ready to DO more.

7. Cake wants to try new things with you.

8. Cake wants to satisfy your every craving.

9. Need some vegetables? Cake can be that for you.

10. Need something fast and filling? Cake has got you covered!

here is a birthday cake in the form of a chipotle burrito. i will never eat chipotle again

11. Miss a particular regional delicacy? Leave it to Cake.

12. Cake wants to carbo load with you.

13. Let Cake make you breakfast.

14. Let Cake take you out for a nice seafood dinner.

15. Cake knows you've always had a thing for tacos.

16. And Cake wants in on all the fall fun!

17. Cake wants to watch the game with you.

18. In all honesty, Cake just wants to treat you right.

19. Cake would love to take you to the movies.

20. And Cake LOVES tailgating.

21. So let Cake be your everything.

22. Whatever you need, Cake can be that.

23. From a super fancy and impressive home-cooked feast...

24. To your favorite bucket of take out.

Cake just wants you to be happy. ❤️