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17 Beer Fests Around The World That Aren't Oktoberfest

Your beer bucket list just got a lot longer.

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1. The Great American Beer Festival

Where: Denver, Colorado

When: Last weekend of September

Arguably the biggest beer fest in the states, it's basically Comic Con for beer. There's intimate "Meet The Brewers" sessions, hearty street food, education about the art of brewing, and attendees prefer to dress in over-the-top costumes.

2. Where The Wild Beers Are

Where: Rotating (Minneapolis in 2015, Brooklyn in 2016)

When: Early October

This is where the funky beer lovers come to party. Featuring only beers brewed from wild yeast, you'll have your choice of sour beers and farmhouse ales, most of which are actually pretty rare and hard to find commercially.

3. Great Australian Beer Festival

Where: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

When: Late May

This is the beer festival where you can be equal parts mature beer connoisseur and reckless drunk teenager. When you're done with your beer-paired lunch and blind taste testings, move on to the beer can shooting ranges and circus stunts!


4. Blumenau Oktoberfest

Where: Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil

When: Mid-October

This is exactly what it sounds like: Oktoberfest in Brazil. Don your finest lederhosen or dirndl and join in on the German traditions of folk dancing, shooting matches, and voting of the Queen of Oktoberfest.

5. Great Alaska Beer & Barleywine Festival

Where: Anchorage, Alaska

When: Late January

With more than 300 beers on tap for tasting, many festival-goers recommend perusing your program first and making a game plan. And don't start with the barley wines: Their higher alcohol content (10-15%) will ruin you for the day.

6. Great Taste of the Midwest

Where: Madison, Wisconsin

When: Early August

If you think the Midwest is all demure and wholesome, you haven't been to this beer fest (or any Big Ten football game). The late summer weather, crafty brews, and nostalgic shenanigans make this festival feel like the ultimate tailgate.

7. Holiday Ale Festival

Where: Portland, Oregon

When: First weekend of December

What better way to get in to holiday spirit than by getting tipsy on some seasonal libations? Bust out your ugliest Christmas sweater and enjoy the coziest beer festival around, culminating in a delicious Sunday Beer Brunch.


8. American Craft Beer Fest

Where: Boston, Massachusetts

When: Late May

If you thought New England sports fans were rowdy, wait until you see their craft brewers. One of the biggest beer festivals on the east coast, this celebration of hops is like the biggest frat party of your dreams.

9. Great British Beer Festival

Where: London, England, United Kingdom

When: Mid-August

Enjoy some authentic ales and creative ciders alongside international brews at this indulgence of all things fermented and British. Organized by the Campaign for Real Ale, the festival is set up to feel like "the biggest pub in the world."

10. Southern Brewers Festival

Where: Chattanooga, Tennessee

When: Late August

Set right on the banks of the Tennessee river, this festival is one big tribute to the best brewers south of the Mason Dixon line. Complete with brews, live music, and a late night party, it's the perfect way to kiss summer goodbye.

11. Mondial de la Bière

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Where: Montreal, Québec, Canada

When: Early June

The Great White North knows a thing or two about beer. This awesome festival offers free admission, and you can get in on the tastings and competitions to crown the most delicious beers in the world.


12. Pilsner Fest

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

When: Early October

Scheduled to coincide with the day the famous Pilsen lager came into being, Pilsner Fest offers guided tours of the Pilsner Brewery, Brewery Museum, and even the underground city of Plzen. Join in the mass toast and help break the festival record!

13. Fresh Hop Ale Festival

Where: Yakima, Washington

When: First weekend in October

This festival takes place right in the midst of hop harvesting season, and with tons of local and home brewers in Yakima, the spirit of the festival really takes over the town. In fact, walking around certain parts of town, all you can smell is beer!

14. Belgian Beer Weekend

Where: Brussels, Belgium

When: Early September

You're gonna need something to wash down all those frites and waffles. Come explore Brussels' gorgeous Grand Place square and pay homage to St. Arnold, the patron saint of brewers and this friendly festival.

15. Qingdao International Beer Festival

Where: Qingdao, Shandong, China

When: The month of August

With a laser lights show, amusement rides, and live performance, this celebration is less like a beer festival and more like a straight up carnival – with beer everywhere!

16. Brewgrass Festival

Where: Asheville, North Carolina

When: Mid-September

Posted up in Memorial Stadium in Asheville, enjoy some delicious craft brews and the glorious Blue Mountains rolling in the distance. And don't forget the line-up of live local bands: Come for the beer, stay for the music.

17. Cape Town Festival Of Beer

Where: Cape Town, South Africa

When: Late November

With FREE tasters from all participating breweries and classes about what food will go best with what beer, you'll leave this festival a total beer expert.