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    21 Reasons Hard-Boiled Eggs Are The Only Eggs You Need

    The perfectly packable protein you've probably forsaken.

    There are nearly endless ways to cook an egg.

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    Scrambled, fried, poached: There's a time for every approach to shine.

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    Even kicking your dinner up a notch!

    But where's the love for the HARD-BOILED egg?

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    Somehow, when an egg gets boiled, it's confined to being either a quick snack or in a freaking cobb salad.

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    And they got this weird association with that kid who ate eggs everyday in middle school.

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    But guys, hard-boiled eggs are the shit. And here are the recipes to prove it.

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    1. Open-Faced Egg, Watercress & Bacon Sandwich

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    This would be way too sloppy with a poached egg. Recipe here.

    2. Umami Egg

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    All the benefits of eggs in a much more manageable package. Recipe here.

    3. Fried Hard-Boiled Eggs In Tamarind Sauce

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    When in doubt, fry it. Recipe here.

    4. Sriracha and Wasabi Deviled Eggs

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    Even boring recipes get a spicy twist. Recipe here.

    5. Spinach and Egg Strudel

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    Step up your breakfast sandwich game. Recipe here.

    6. Kedgeree with Eggs and Tarragon Butter

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    Kedgeree is an awesome Indian rice dish popular in the UK. Recipe here.

    7. Lemony Raw Kale Salad With Egg

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    It's like a mimosa in protein-packed salad form. Recipe here.

    8. Egg Salad Sandwich with Caramelized Onions and Bibb Lettuce

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    If you're making egg salad, there's only one way to cook those bad boys. Recipe here.

    9. Best Potato Salad

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    This potato salad brought to you by hard-boiled eggs. Recipe here.

    10. Egg Masala

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    Perfect for lazy weeknights. Recipe here.

    11. Collard Greens, Blue Potato, and Bacon Cobb Salad

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    If you must do a cobb salad, do it right. Recipe here.

    12. Salade Niçoise

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    Try getting fancy by adding some tuna and making it ~niçoise~. Recipe here.

    13. The Perfect Gribiche Sauce.

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    A deliciously creamy aioli-type sauce that's great with fish and chicken. Recipe here.


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    Put that sauce to use and take your side dish to the next level. Recipe here.

    15. Stuffed Chipotle Meatballs

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    These meatballs have a hard-boiled egg in the center!

    16. Breakfast Meatloaf

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    They're right at home in a meatloaf, too. Recipe here.

    17. Argentine Beef Empanadas

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    Argentina knows what I'm talking about. Recipe here.

    18. Spinach Gratin with Hard-Boiled Eggs

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    Spinach, cheese, egg: The Trifecta. Recipe here.

    19. Baked Scotch Eggs

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    So much easier that it looks. Recipe here.

    20. Portuguese Pizza

    Olivia's Cuisine / Via

    Hard-boiled eggs crumbles keep this pizza from getting too egg-y. Recipe here.

    21. Soy Sauce Eggs

    La Fujimama / Via

    Keep it classy with monochrome. Recipe here.

    Now go make your next meal egg-cellent!

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