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    14 Cozy Breakfasts To Enjoy On Christmas Morning

    Treat yo self. It's Christmas, after all.

    1. Eggnog Snickerdoodle French Toast Casserole

    Food Faith Fitness / Via

    And it's gluten free, too!

    Get the recipe here.

    2. Sweet Potato Waffles with Candied Pecans

    A Nerd Cooks / Via

    Get the recipe here.

    3. Overnight Cheesy Grits Casserole

    Family Food on the Table / Via

    Make it the night before. All you need to do is pop it in the oven on Christmas morning!

    Get the recipe here.

    4. Gingerbread Pancakes

    Well Plated / Via

    Get the recipe here.

    5. Cinnamon Roll French Toast Casserole

    Dinner at the Zoo / Via

    Made with canned cinnamon rolls.

    Get the recipe here.

    6. Orange, Almond, Pomegranate, & Dark Chocolate Fluffy Porridge

    Waffle & Whisk / Via

    Get the recipe here.

    7. Apple, Cheddar, and Sausage Breakfast Strata

    Healthy Seasonal Recipes / Via

    Another make-ahead recipe!

    Get the recipe here.

    8. Pecan Pie French Toast Casserole

    The Sassy Life / Via

    Get the recipe here.

    9. Fluffy Cranberry Orange Eggnog Pancakes

    Flavor the Moments / Via

    Get the recipe here.

    10. Pumpkin Waffles

    Jennifer Meyering / Via

    Don't let anyone tell you that pumpkin is just for Fall!

    Get the recipe here.

    11. Cranberry Cinnamon Roll Bake

    Crazy for Crust / Via

    Get the recipe here.

    12. Pumpkin Eggnog Oatmeal

    Vegetarian Ventures / Via

    Get the recipe here.

    13. Vegan Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls

    I Love Vegan / Via

    Get the recipe here.

    14. Overnight Everything Bagels and Lox Casserole

    This is How I Cook / Via

    Get the recipe here.

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