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    16 US Destinations To Visit If You Want To Spot Cherry Blossoms

    Prepare to put all these places on your spring bucket lists.


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    As winter (finally) starts to come to a close, cherry blossom season will soon be upon us. You've likely seen photos of these beautifully blossoming trees on your feed and even added them to your travel Pinterest board.

    2. Seattle, Washington

    3. Portland, Oregon

    4. St. Louis, Missouri

    5. San Francisco, California

    6. Dallas, Texas

    7. Nashville, Tennessee

    8. Athens, Ohio

    9. Traverse City, Michigan

    10. Newark, New Jersey

    11. Brooklyn, New York

    12. Salem, Oregon

    13. Irmo, South Carolina

    14. Boston, Massachusetts

    15. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    16. Washington DC

    17. Macon, Georgia

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