12 Sephora Holiday Hacks Every Beauty Insider Needs To Know

    So you can give out gifts but keep the points for yourself.

    1. Get free gifts and save money with Sephora Rewards. So do that RIGHT NOW if you have not done so already.

    2. Be the first to know about special deals and steals with the email newsletter.

    3. Under "Gifts" look at "Value Sets" to knock multiple gifts out with one purchase.

    4. Some Value Sets actually include completely free items.

    5. Have a lot of people to buy gifts for this year? This lip collection is your new best friend.

    6. You can do this with the other sets too!

    7. Not sure what scent to get your leading man? Let him pick.

    8. Sign up for $10 flash shipping and reap the benefits.

    9. Always check out the weekly specials.

    10. Then, take advantage of all the free gifts and shipping!

    11. Check out the best section of any store/online store: the sale section.

    12. And remember - you can return stuff!

    Now hit up Sephora.com like the bad VIB you are!